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It Strikes Again

It is not the game that makes people addicts, it’s the underlying issues that force people to spend countless hours in front of the screen. … 173 more words


Star Wars Celebration Weekend in Anaheim

Anaheim, California was fulfilled with Star Wars excitement all weekend long. The party kicked off on Thursday at the Anaheim Convention Center for Star Wars Celebration where thousands of fans gathered to celebrate one of the greatest classic movie trilogy of all time. 232 more words


Quick Fix: How to Improve The Order: 1886

Sometimes after playing a game, I wish that something was done differently or an idea was explored more. In Quick Fix, I seek simple solutions to all sorts of grievances I have with a game. 840 more words


Il progetto in un video

Se avete 1 minuto e mezzo, potete dedicarlo a vedere questo:

Game Jam

Review: Cities Skylines

The success of Colossal Order’s city-builder Cities: Skylines is such that any criticisms of the game need some kind of disclaimer. So: Disclaimer: Cities Skylines… 925 more words

Game Design

Mass effect 4 rumored details

Online survey could reveal more of the new mass effects 4 plot. Though only rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt until confirmed. 671 more words


The Virtual Boxing Ring Has Begun Again!

So if you are into fighting games you might have picked Mortal Kombat X this past week. I have been a fan of the Mortal Kombat… 406 more words