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"Free" to play VS. Pay to play

Let’s talk about money.

In the world of MMOs (See my earlier post about Healing if you’re unsure of what an MMO is) there are two types of game as far as currency is concerned. 1,005 more words

Final Fantasy XI

The world of MMO healing...

I enjoy playing MMOs.

For the uneducated, an MMO or MMORPG is an acronym describing a “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game”. All players will be in the same world together, teaming up to battle monsters, complete quests, explore dungeons, etc. 517 more words

Final Fantasy XI

Super Mario 64 is Now Available to Play On Your Computer

Thanks to Roystan Ross you can now play the classic game Super Mario 64 from Nintendo on your computer for free. Not only has he emulated the game for your computer he remade it and its now in crystal clear HD. 40 more words


Blurring Lines: Filming and Gaming

The line between filmmaking and gaming has become incredibly blurred of recent. But how? How has filmmaking fallen in with video gaming and vice versa? 447 more words


Video Game Review - Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

In the wake of Pillars of Eternities’ release, Chris revisits an old classic of the genre, revived for a new generation.  549 more words


6 Things Neopets Taught Me Which No School Ever Did

The word ‘Neopets’ is probably nostalgic to everyone, especially those born in the 90s. It signalled the beginning of an era where you had to fight to use the telephone or the Internet and also the slow loading of images. 815 more words

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Salad Screenshot Saturday [12]

This week I’m sharing a Civilisation 5 screenshot with you. Another strategy game – maybe we’ll see how I can shake it up next week! 281 more words

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