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Cheaters Never Prosper

I hammered away at the keyboard, enemy snipers picking off my team one by one. My teammates weren’t exactly doing much either, running straight back out from behind cover. 564 more words


Sometimes good things really do happen: Zero Escape 3 announced

Occasionally, life isn’t total shit. One of those occasions was a few days ago, when Zero Escape 3 was announced for release next summer on the 3DS and Vita. 330 more words


Agar.io - Absorbing All of Your Free Time.

XKCD said it best, the most powerful gaming systems in the world can’t compete with the addictiveness of flash games. Normally my reviews are about games that are significantly more substantial than the game I’m going to talk about. 376 more words


Pokémon Nicknames: Petilil and Lilligant

“I love the Flower Girl …”

Petilil (in Japanese: チュリネ  “Churine” ) is a Grass-type Pokémon. Petilil evolves into Lilligant (in Japanese: ドレディア  “Dredear”) when exposed to a  564 more words


With Danny Peña

Fresh off a record-setting E3, Danny Peña, founder and co-host of Gamertag Radio joins me to discuss the months of behind the scenes effort that went into covering E3, his favorite interviews from the conference, sharing his work ethic with others at a Social Media Day session in South Florida, and more. 45 more words