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You Raise Me Up

Why write a blog? Why write a blog about webcomics? Why write at all? Nobody reads anymore anyways, I mean video games are much more immersive and lets face it with the advent of Netflix one can just binge watch. 171 more words

SIONL: Is 'Time is Strange' Smarter Than First Appearances?

I’m going to have the most major spoiler of the second episode of Time is Strange, so consider yourself warned.

I have a thing about games that offer me choice.  1,009 more words


Alphonse of the Vagos - Los Santos

I talked about the Ballers and the Grove Street Families but there are other gangs in Los Santos. Here we see a touching tribute to a Los Santos Vagos officer, Alphonse. 14 more words

Nintendo Discusses Live-Action Show

After weeks of rumors, theories, and conspiracies, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has finally made an official statement about the Netflix Legend of Zelda collaboration. 183 more words


Grove Street Families - Los Santos

I was in Los Santos for a while and boy, let me tell you how crazy that has been! You’d think my charity work in Harran during the virus outbreak¬†would be crazier but no: the infected didn’t shoot at you for wearing the wrong colours. 66 more words

Editorial Wednesday on Thursday: My Life With "Souls"

This was supposed to go up last night, but had some issues with the review for Type 0. Anyways here is my experience and why I love the “Souls” games. 510 more words