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Cnet Download: Free Youtube to Mp3 Converter

To operate Free Youtube to Mp3 Converter, simply do the following… 44 more words

Video Game Music

Progress Bar Radio: 03/27/2015

Rust randomly assigns skin color now. Final Fantasy 15 all male cast is a big deal? Xbox One is getting closer to the Xbox 360, finally. 40 more words

Video Games

Progress Bar Radio: 03/26/2015

Was Satoru Iwata cornered into the mobile market? Gearbox needs to stop talking. New mod for Half-Life 2 updates visuals…a little bit. Anthony gives you the rest of the news. 38 more words


Progress Bar Radio: 03/25/2015

Borderlands has some magnetic force that makes couples play it together. Google wants YouTube Live to get in on the Twitch action. People are complaining about a 99 cent Minecraft texture pack? 55 more words


GOOD Music: Street Fighter Remixes

I love video game music. Until YouTube came along (and subsequently, someone coming up with the bright idea to use YouTube to share music), video games had a section under the “Options” menu that allowed you to sit down and listen to the game soundtrack. 188 more words

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Top 10 Modern Video Game Soundtracks

Video games are wonderful pieces of art, but it’s extremely hard to name a video game and not remember the epic music that played while you were making progress through certain levels. 1,018 more words

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