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I'm Sorry Joel Osteen (Part 2)

The reality is, I knew writing “I’m Sorry Joel Osteen (Part 1)” wouldn’t change anyone’s mind about the infamous Houston pastor. Those for him stood for him. 1,453 more words


I'm Sorry Joel Osteen (Part 1)

“Hi, I’m Kayla, and I was once a Joel Osteen hater.” What sounds like something I should stand up and say at a Christian support group is part of my story. 777 more words


Millennials and Religion

The United States has always been a religious country, but that may be changing. Church membership and attendance are dropping among younger Americans. There has been speculation on reasons for this development, often by baby   boomers who are religious. 1,584 more words


In The Valley With Joel Osteen

Last Friday night I did the unexpected for a Jewish girl, I went to see Joel Osteen at Staples Center for his “Night of Hope” event.  576 more words


Food for thought from Joel and Victoria Osteen: Do you take time to look back and see the victories that God has given you? Do you have them written down somewhere in a journal? 86 more words

Food For Thought