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May 26, 1884

Well, so much for decorum in Victorian England.

44-year-old Mary Lefley had been found guilty of poisoning her husband, William, to death via arsenic, but that didn’t mean she wanted to actually be held accountable for it. 33 more words

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May 26, 1879

In what was obviously a May-December union gone bad, 55-year-old Catherine Churchill murdered her 82-year-old husband, Samuel.  Actually, it is another instance of domestic violence, or so the lady claimed.  78 more words

Execution By State/Country

May 26, 1879

On May 26, 1879, 55-year-old Catherine Churchill was hanged at Somerset Prison, in Somerset County, England, for the murder of her husband.

Execution By State/Country

May 31, 1884

On May 31, 1884, Edward (Lamont) Lemon was hanged at Victoria, British Columbia, for the murder of his friend Johnny.  Once upon a time, the country Canada used to take care of those who would murder their fellows…………

Execution By State/Country

May 21, 1891

On May 21, 1891, James Kane was hanged at Belleville, Ontario, for murder.  Her Majesty’s Government of Canada executed him for this transgression.

Execution By State/Country

Homecoming: Chapter Eleven

I don’t remember the fall over the railing. I remember the water, the freezing, pitch darkness. My chest burning as I swallowed ice cold water. Something heavy fell on my leg, I couldn’t see what it was.

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Victim Ch 2~3

It’s been a while, but this series is back! No download links will be available for this series, but you can read these chapters at Demonic Scans!