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Three Reasons Why Survivor Moms Should Try Meditation

I have to confess something: I used to roll my eyes at meditation. Really, sitting and breathing? What mom has time for that? And a philosophy based on taking deep breaths/relaxing/living in the moment? 1,060 more words



In just a matter of secounds
I’ll become a piece of art –
a concrete victim,
martyr to gravity,
modern trash.
Wine to offer,
plenty of carrion…
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On Hurting Women:

You have been hurt,
And you have caused hurt.
You fought for his love
As though his smile was your last drop of water.
Not once did you  23 more words


Survivor or Thrivor?

Hi All!

This is going to be another short post. I hope you enjoy it!

There are gazillions of great quotes on the internet and I, like many of you, have a collection of my favourites. 109 more words

If it is only 10 minutes a day, the first step moves us out of victimhood, a damn good start!!,

It takes action, minimal action to move us from the stuck, frozen position.
I have been stuck, helplessly, hopelessly lost in the complexities of complex PTSD. 119 more words


Review: Burn Baby Burn Baby by Kevin Craig

Seventeen-year-old Francis Fripp’s confidence is practically non-existent since his abusive father drenched him in accelerant and threw a match at him eight years ago.

Now badly scarred, Francis relies on his best friend Trig to protect him from the constant bullying doled out at the hands of his nemesis, Brandon Hayley—the unrelenting boy who gave him the dreaded nickname of Burn Baby.

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Book Review

On victimhood

In this country where everything has to be psychologized, and also used by sociologists, we don’t talk about oppression as a political reality.  Instead we talk about people being…

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