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This Fourth of July weekend has just started, yet it has already been filled with so much food. As Erykah Badu so eloquently put it, “nah, not that edible food, that food you eat… food for thought.” … 961 more words


Pop Punk and Feminism: Victim Blaming

July 2, 2015 | by Kayla St. Onge and Jonathan Diener

We live in a world with sobering statistics on sexual abuse. One out of every six… 912 more words


Victim blaming (regarding rape)

While I will agree with you entirely, RS, that no crime against persons is excusable, still there are precautions that one can take. If I were to walk down a dark alley in a major metropolitan city, with hundred-dollar bills hanging out of my pocket, I wouldn’t feel entirely blameless if I were robbed.

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Riding the P (for Patriarchy) Train

Trigger Warning: Discussion of sexual harassment and assault.

MTA New York City Transit recently teamed with those progressive folks at the NYPD to produce “ad cards” entitled “Sexual Harassment is a Crime in the Subway, too.” … 28 more words

The tinderbox

I don’t know why people just want to forget things. The wrongs that have happened to them, I mean. If it were me, I’d want to fight back. 881 more words


Dear World, Suicidal ideation

I want to talk about something but I shouldn’t. It won’t help the situation any further. So I’m trying to think of other things to talk about. 2,393 more words


Take Care of Yourself! Blaming and Shaming People with Illnesses

My brother died in 2007. He had a very rare form of cancer. The time between figuring out what was wrong and his death was short – 6 months. 456 more words