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The Normalcy of Abnormality

Just yesterday, I had to suffer through tweets saying women stay in abusive relationships because they enjoy sex with their abusive partners.
Of course I scoffed at this flawed reasoning. 558 more words

The New Republic: UN Women has dumped Uber, and you should too

This week at TNR, I wrote about why I’m glad that UN Women has backed out of their partnership with ridesharing service Uber, which was designed to create a million new driving jobs for women by 2020: 273 more words


A thought I had after seeing backlash from Sarah Silverman's list

Most rapists are men, but most men aren’t rapists. Protesting over this, or going “Men get raped too u gaiz!” is just deflection.

We live in a culture that loves to tell women they’re full of shit, that they’re complaining. 132 more words

An open response to an anonymous man who is concerned about my safety

The aftermath of slain Doncaster teen Masa Vukotic, whose funeral will be held today, has displayed outrage across the community and beyond. It has also sparked a myriad of discourse surrounding responses to the incident, as well as protests and calls for legal reforms. 1,894 more words


Domestic Violence | A Societal Issue of Epidemic Proportions

In the face of danger, we seek out someone to comfort us. It’s a biological response that is deeply ingrained into every one of our brains from the caveman days, maybe even sooner. 553 more words

Domestic Abuse

The New Misogynists

The New Misogynists. (original blog post found here)


If you ever see these, tear ‘em down.

Who are the “New Misogynists”? 3,261 more words


The Most Important Episode of "A Different World" - Date Rape Epsiode

Netflix earned major cool points this month by adding “A Different World” to their list. Like many black 20-30somethings, I grew up watching reruns of “A Different World”, so to have the show available at my disposal is everything. 449 more words