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What is a Showreel?

While perusing around the /r/AfterEffects subreddit I came across a video via Reddit user mleegart and it was his showreel. This got me wondering what exactly a showreel was and what makes a good one. 584 more words


Srushti - Creative Venture

With a great passion and vision, Srushti started as a Creative Studio to cater gaming, advertising and film industries. Core vision is to bring great visual experience by blending the magic of art with cutting edge technology. 53 more words


Bike Accident scene - Turntable

Turntable of Bike Accident scene.

Model in scene

Software used: Maya

Mark's Posts

Environment and VFX

The development of the effects took over the course of the whole project, ranging from strongly stylized to realistic with the desired look being achieved in the first weeks of April 2015. 64 more words

Motion and Holographic Animation

Motion and Holographic Aimation

VFX BreakDown


My goal is, as a technical wise to create a motion and holographic animation for a raw footage and for the product wise, to target the sports audience to make them more interact with the game. 1,656 more words


Post 15: Colour Correction, Compositing, Sound Mixing and Editing


I composite my scenes in Adobe After Effects. The main reason for the compositing in Adobe After Effects is, here I can make the animation and effects. 496 more words