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Creating the Flash Effect

So, you want to have your actor be  fast, blurry, and epic? Well hey, check this out! Shameless Twitter Plug: tweet us your questions/feedback @yfilmpodcast


BOD Ventolera Job

Cliente: BOD
Agencia: CREATIA
Casa Productora: King Vs Kong
Director: Peter Odor

VFX: BiotaStudios
Director General: Reinaldo Mendoza
Productor Ejecutivo: Jonathan Becerra
Gerente de Operaciones: Francisco Morales… 23 more words


Entrevista sobre Juego de Tronos

Desde Radio Bierzo al enterarse de mi participación en Juego de Tronos, me realizaron una entrevista en la que cuento en qué participé, así como mi experiencia en el mundo de los efectos visuales y la situación por la que pasa el sector. 14 more words


Sensory Overload: The Addiction To Cinematic Touch

In recent years as we have moved into a time where people have become addicted to sensory overload there has been a transcendence of mainstream cinema, along with technological advancement and corporatisation/cinema franchising, into a collection of genres centered around cinematic touch. 224 more words


The Digital Artists that Paint the Game of Thrones Landscapes

Sven Sauer is a digital artist that specializes in matte paintings. Sauer is part of the VFX (visual effects) team that brings the Game of Thrones… 507 more words


Post 4: Shoot for live footage

In my project I have to work with the raw footage. My concept is shoot the live footage and import the needed information using the computer graphics. 643 more words


Post 3: Creating Logo

Why logo?

Every tournament or club is recognised with a logo or symbol. It’s the marketing medium. So logo or symbol is important in my project to display the organizer/producer information. 875 more words