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Wearing Scrubs In Hawaii

When I got to Hawaii, I had no idea what kind of job I would get. I, like usual, had no plan. If anyone asked I would tell them, “I plan on teaching….or working in hospitality.” The two are not related in any way, and all it really revealed to anyone was that I had no plan at all. 2,584 more words

Following on from our vet post the other day

We went to the vets (he’s having his ear thoroughly cleaned on Tuesday as it’s not cleared up as she’s like) and I asked if she could use our treats instead of the ones she has because what comes out the other end isn’t pleasant. 71 more words

smelly cat part 2

So the vet put Gollum under to in order to remove the manky teeth and they found a tumor!


Ill news indeed.

Despite this death sentence (there is nothing they can do) she still seems lively enough.  124 more words

The Interviewing Pitfall You Didn't Know About

Interviewers are people, too. Doing the same thing over and over again isn’t usually very exciting. It can get boring spending several days interviewing candidates for a job. 219 more words

Job Hunt

More Progress on the Fight to End Homelessness For Vets!!http://www.blogs.va.gov/VAntage/18475/florida-veteran-finds-hope-and-a-home-thanks-to-va-efforts-to-end-homeles

Please take a moment to read this short article. I am so, so happy to see more reports coming out showing National efforts to house Veterans are making a huge and lastin impact. 49 more words


I’m really thinking I need to bring up the treats issue with my vet next time we go (ie Tuesday)...

I’m really thinking I need to bring up the treats issue with my vet next time we go (ie Tuesday) because whilst treats at the vet is good (positive experience) I do not want you giving him t/d biscuits! 127 more words