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Vets make money off animal suffering:

Vets push not only unnecessary vaccines on our pets, but body maiming. Capitalist society veterinarians are making money off of animal cruelty:

Declawing cats is inhumane and cripples them. 17 more words

Panda Turds

Field Trip Day!!

Wednesday at the Teacher Conference is traditionally FIELD TRIP DAY!

Trust me… those words bring as much joy and excitement to a group of teachers as it does to a class of third grade boys! 827 more words

Day Trips

Beachbody coaching is free for Vets

Did you know that Beachbody cares about veterans? Previously, they provided the opportunity to be a Beachbody Coach to active duty military and spouses for… 274 more words

Top Tips Time: The signs and prevention for Laminitis

As spring begins and the grass gets richer a lot of horse owners need to deal with their horses becoming lame. There is however many causes of… 451 more words

Horse TIps

Everything they can do....we can do better!

by Linda Chamberlain

I’ve been writing. This time it’s a letter. I was stirred up by an article in British Horse which alleged that barefoot horses can’t do as much as their field mates wearing metal shoes. 809 more words