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Well, it’s downright impossible to get through to the V.A., and believe me that I have applied. Do you know it’s been over 2 years? How does a bloke get to see the man? 51 more words

Ronald Reagan Inspired Me To Join The Navy

For today’s generation, there are Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, Oprah and Bill Gates. Their success encourages young people to emulate them.

We oldsters had our own idols who inspired us. 273 more words


Aspiring entrepreneur, veteran, full-time student, husband, and father. I carry a hodgepodge of experiences and roles.
My passions are critiquing ideas and improving the way plans get executed. 61 more words


My First Trip to Syria

Our Stryker’s drove slowly down the road leading to the border crossing. The area was very walled-in, as the border it self was one huge wall that ran in either direction to keep Syrians in Syria and Iraqi’s in Iraq. 673 more words


Americans Paid $148 Million to See American Sniper On Screen Take II

Allow me to further explain my previous post, $148 million dollars is a lot of fucking money. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure the movie was awesome and more accurate than “The Hurt Locker”, with that kind of attention its obvious that Americans love to pay to watch war…. 86 more words


War medals proudly worn by the 'Great Escaper' who broke out of his care home to attend D-Day commemorations in France are to be auctioned

From Mail Online, by Hannah Parry

The war medals proudly worn by a Normandy veteran who broke out of his care home so he could attend last year’s D-Day commemorations in France are being sold. 267 more words

World At WAR

Its Monday until I go to bed right?

Ok I have to make this quick! Its now after 1 am, I still haven’t spent any.. quality time with the husband, my toddler is still up begging to watch netflix. 795 more words