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The Vet of the Future?

by Linda Chamberlain

One day there will be more vets like Ralitsa Grancharova. But for now, she’s a rarity. After qualifying she realised there was a terrible gap in her knowledge; she had little understanding of the horse’s hoof. 2,576 more words

Vet MedLink 2014

My Vet MedLink experience

Greetings world wide web, it’s Zarina and today I am going to be informing you all about a conference I attended in December 2014 called Vet-MedLink. 1,436 more words


Surgery Saga (By the Human)

As anyone who follows him on Instagram or Facebook would be aware, Rufus underwent surgery a few weeks ago to improve his quality of life. Suffice it to say, overall it was probably more traumatic for the Human than for the bulldog. 1,669 more words

Assessment workshops for RTOs

Velg Training have released two workshops on creating best-practice assessment instruments and tools and extending assessment practices, focusing on the requirements of clause 1.8 of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015. 14 more words


New VET Guidelines published

The Australian Government announced a ban on withdrawal fees that will make it easier for students to withdraw from courses that they have been inappropriately signed up to. 31 more words


2015-16 VET Investment Plan

The 2015-16 Annual VET Investment Plan details the Queensland Government’s planned $754.6 million investment in Vocational Education and Training (VET) over the coming year, to support the Queensland Government’s Working Queensland jobs plan. 14 more words


Registrations now open for the ATAs!

Event registration is now for the Australian Training Awards (ATAs) – the nation’s peak Awards for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector, recognising individuals, businesses and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) for their contribution to skilling Australia. 24 more words