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Sick Cats

Almost two weeks ago, my cat Alice, got a cold. Well, we believe it was a cold. Cat colds are similar to human colds but slightly different too. 435 more words

Badass Veteran Buys Private Jet.....and its a HARRIER

If you’re like me, when you think private jet you think billionaires and rockstars being swept around the world without the hassle of commercial. ┬áThis private jet owner is something a little different…. 74 more words

There goes my Uber score.

The sun is setting on Memorial Day as I write this. I imagine most people feeling relaxed, rested and reflective after a nice three-day weekend. Not I. 1,161 more words


Breaking the bank: What to do when pet ownership gets costly.

The decision to adopt was an easy one. All it took was a quick glance into those puppy dog eyes and you were on your way home with a new friend to fill your days with fun, fur and endless snuggles…and then it happens. 563 more words


This Army Vet Uses Tumblr To Put Military Life Into Perspective!

I wanted to take a moment to remember all of those that have lost their lives serving our country on this Memorial Day.

A lot of people that have never served, have no clue what it is like to go to battle for our country. 57 more words


Happy Memorial Day!

From all of us at Bel Air Jewelry we wanted to remember those who died in active military service and to thank all of their living relatives that still keep the dream of freedom and the love of what it sands for in their hearts. 19 more words