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The Interviewing Pitfall You Didn't Know About

Interviewers are people, too. Doing the same thing over and over again isn’t usually very exciting. It can get boring spending several days interviewing candidates for a job. 219 more words

Job Hunt

on nothing much

Hey guys,

So, I haven’t posted in a while ’cause I’ve been really busy with school work and that. My entire art (school-run) gcse was due this week so I’ve been pretty damn busy with that, among other things. 137 more words


Goodbye, Meow

The street cat that lives outside my apartment is on its last legs after a failed pregnancy. I think most the babies are still inside (one of which came out and died after a struggle) and she just gave up, exhausted. 524 more words


Nails, Fleas and Nipples

That title sounds absurd but will make sense shortly.

We took Oscar to get his nails clipped and found out that our assumption of long nails is actually not long for puppies and he did not need clipping. 141 more words

Making Of Arcadia

Housewife 101: Pets are Expensive

Lessons learned this week:

Puppies like to chew on toys. This is ok.

Puppies sometimes take chunks of cloth out of their toys. This is sometimes ok, if the puppy is supervised and the torn-off piece is taken away. 378 more words

Animal Blood Donors

When you think about it, the fact that dogs and cats need to donate blood, is obvious.

You may remember my recent blog post on my shih tzu, Ralphie, and the treatment he has received for an illness relating to his blood. 340 more words

Girly Stuff

Missing feline found

Yesterday, the animals got their shots, and the vet said I to keep an eye on them for the next few days.

This morning, after coffee and chores, I went looking for the cat and couldn’t find her anywhere. 33 more words