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Vertu + Bentley = ?

What do you get when you combine Vertu and Bentley brands? Well, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that either way is going to be something extremely expensive. 183 more words

Vertu Signature Touch Bentley Limited Edition Mobile

CALL 07506323181.

Email: buyvertumobile@gmail.com

PRICE 94000rs.
Operating system OS KITKAT Android 4.4

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Out In The Wild

Due to the nature of my work it can be a very, very long time between shooting a photo and it going public for everyone to see. 68 more words


Making Those Million Dollar Deals On Your $30,000 Cellphone - Signature By Vertu

Signature by Vertu

Cellphones come with their own special ringtones created by full orchestras. Yeah, this is how the ballers roll.

Check it: http://www.vertu.com/us/en/collections/signature/performance/

Send in your photos of your big deal items. 8 more words


Got 14K to spend on Valentines day ? #Vertu has the #ClousDeParis handset. by @jimboireland #Valentines

Well folks its almost Valentines day and you better have some cash saved,Thats is you fancy spending 14k on a new phone from Vertu. We are all quite aware now of Vertu who make exquisite handsets that do not come cheap,and they have just announced a new one called the Clous De Paris just in time for Valentines day.. 267 more words


DEVELOP3D: Ringing the Changes at Vertu

“Under one roof near Farnborough, UK, Vertu’s luxury mobile phones are designed, engineered and tested virtually before real life testing and skilled assembly. Tanya Weaver looks at the tools that have enabled the company to compress its product development cycle… 224 more words

Creo Customers

The £4,200 budget smartphone for back pocket billionaires

By now you know that Vertu is the go-to global brand for upscale cellular devices – however with starting prices that nudge the £7k mark, the current line of handsets have been reserved for the kind of guys who would pay for one with their titanium Amex. 420 more words