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Is Utah On The Verge Of Eliminating Homelessness?

Secular Talk

According to Nationswell in 2013, Utah has reduced its rate of homelessness by 74 percent over the past eight years, moving 2000 people off the street and putting the state on track to eradicate homelessness altogether by 2015. 177 more words


On the Verge

I have been “verging” a lot lately.  For instance, I had some beets the other day.  I am almost on the verge of liking them.  They have risen out of the “gag” category (which, for instance cooked turnips and head cheese will perennially and I believe permanently occupy).   462 more words

medicine for more, for less

As someone who loves her mobile phone and her tablet and her zillion bookmarked websites and blogs, I still feel that sometimes, technology is a little dubious. 160 more words

Good News

On the verge?

I drink to give me an excuse to tell the truth. Trick my brain into thinking its drunk. Anything to blame my sadness in something else. 107 more words

Verge ~ Part II The train

The ladies rang the doorbell at the address Jonathan gave them in the note. Tonya looked at her watch, 8:45 P.M.

“Why do you suppose he had a specific time on the note ?” Tonya nervously asked the others. 906 more words


Verge of excess

The West Weekend Magazine

Published: Saturday, March 21, 2015

Byline: Ros Thomas

I can feel summer losing its sting. The leaves on the plane trees are curling into autumn, their edges fringed a coppery brown. 799 more words