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25. Formula

Ok I think I’ve figured out my non-human formula for happiness, okay wait no, that’s too big. Hmm, a formula to make me feel better. Yes, that sounds more appropriate. 405 more words

Divorce Diary


Today I’m thinking a lot about memories of my childhood.  I have been feeling insecure lately, and my biggest fear is being in the way.  I feel better when I recognize that it’s because I was treated as if I was in the way. 299 more words

When A Man Says You Nag...

When A Man Says You Nag:

We’ve all heard the bullshit- men ignore because women nag. Men “don’t know” how to have a conversation and women should pity them and leave them alone. 547 more words

Articles In English

My First Post

I created this blog to help other people experiencing what I went through, or perhaps to help them avoid the same situation. If you are in an abusive relationship of any kind then please leave. 21 more words


Abusive Relationship Signs You Need To Be On The Lookout

Relationships with the opposite sex can be complicated. In fact, even if you have spent more than five years with your partner, you cannot confidently say that you know your partner well. 339 more words


Public Shaming: The New Bully

Some recent public shaming incidents mystified me and prompted me to look into this growing phenomenon.

According to their article: “The Ethics of Public Shaming”  Chad Cusworth, Brian Daniels and Emily Rondi, stated that: 1,126 more words

Social Issues


So I was on the hunt for a needle in a haystack tonight, trying to find my 2013 tax returns somewhere buried in the basement in about 8 full plastic bins because I need them for something with my student loans.   1,697 more words