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Life After A Manipulator

While I am working on my major article, I’ll be sharing some relevant information.  Reviewing this information now will help you to understand everything I will be revealing in the next day or two.  916 more words


Words are Cheap

So many of us have fallen victim to abusers and have become trapped in the cycle of abuse. We fall for their words and ignore their actions. 339 more words


Myth #3 : Abuse only constitutes physical injury.

FACT: In order to maintain power and control, domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence or domestic abuse, can present itself in a variety of forms, not just physical injury. 115 more words

Domestic Violence

What Do Abusers Look Like? 

Abusers don’t look the same and they don’t look like what you might think they do. Some are loud and charismatic, others are quiet and reserved. 370 more words


Quick Memes, Part 2

Last August I wrote a post called “Quick Memes“, in which I discussed a few memes that didn’t merit an entire post.  It was a… 1,336 more words

The 2 assholes ever present in my life

A lot of times, I remind myself: be positive! Find the bright side to everything that happens and look for the opportunities and lessons gained from it rather than what you lost because of it. 2,253 more words

Strength from within

Have you ever been told you are a strong person? By several people? Did you believe it??? So many times I did not think I was or would be strong. 555 more words