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Finding My Voice

We’ve heard that term so much: “Find Your Voice”.  What comes to mind when you hear that?

I had lost it in a very verbally and emotionally abusive past marriage and then thought I had found it again – only to realize that I still didn’t have one.   1,170 more words

Painful Relationships

Australians Are Trying to Decide if It's O.K. to Swear at Sheep

A complaint by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) over the abuse of animals at a remote Australian sheep station has prompted a debate over whether sheep can be cursed at. 269 more words

The Moon Laughed | 4: The Practiced Art of Tearful Contrition.

I was old enough to be officially potty-trained, but not old enough to avoid the occasional accident.

It was dinnertime. There was company over. I went to the bathroom. 154 more words

Some Examples of Narcissistic Abuse Taken From My Life.

I feel like I still have a lot of old wounds to let go of. I hope that writing some of them down will help me to release the emotional distress from each incident and I hope that my experiences will help other people to talk about their incidents of abuse. 571 more words


Identifying Verbal Abuse

If you are going to be working with developmentally disabled adults it is very important that you understand what are acceptable and what are unacceptable ways to communicate. 285 more words

The Moon Laughed | 2: The Weapons We Speak

I was dancing around in the living room, up to some sort of childish shenanigans. Older Brother and Closest Sister were sitting at the metal desks in the dining room and Mother was in the adjoining kitchen space. 79 more words