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K - Keep your head

Managing stress is something that everyone has to do.  We all have to cope with what life throws at us.  That sometimes means asking for help.   622 more words

Leavetaking - Part II

“You won’t leave until you can’t stay.”

“Hello,” Bryan answered his phone. The anger in his voice was impossible to miss.

“Hi. Are you still at work, or can you talk now?” I asked him. 771 more words

Real Date Stories

Belfast Area Domestic Violence Partnership: Legal Remedies at a Glance

I am a proud member of the Belfast Area Domestic Violence Partnership.

This is a dynamic group of agencies and individuals who want to improve services for all victims of domestic violence. 109 more words

Domestic Abuse

Sticks and Stones

It is easy to identify abuse if it is physical, or sexual. You are hit, you can feel the pain, you can see the bruises, and it’s all black and white. 785 more words


It's Hard To Find a Good Woman

I’m still waiting for the Duck the make a payment on that stupid Synchrony Bank account, and I’m increasingly worried now that it’s two weeks late, just as I’m sure he’s fervently hoping I am. 1,692 more words

Domestic Abuse

Husbands May Not Force Their Wives into Biblical Submission

Sometimes violent, ungodly husbands attempt to twist my words and the Bible to justify their sin and abuse against their wives. That is NEVER ok with me and I NEVER condone any kind of abuse or sin against anyone! 1,185 more words


Words That Stick

As a teenager, my grades were all over the spectrum, although I had a nerdy girl reputation that stuck to me despite the struggles with my grades and even probation from the national honor society. 440 more words