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Vamshi Adepu Photography

Vamshi Adepu Photography is your stop for high-quality wedding photographs with a unique and talented photographer. Vamshi believes in dedicating his time to capturing the special moments that will create life-long memories with professionalism and creativity. 180 more words


Secure Electronic Voting System

Three years ago, Dana DeBeauvoir, a county clerk in Austin, Texas, had a problem. Soon she’d have to replace the aging voting machines her county had bought eight years earlier. 37 more words


Voting Systems Worse than the Electoral College

Grousing about our arcane and nonsensical Electoral College, andcalling publicly for its end, have by now become time-honoredelection-season traditions in the United States. 77 more words


U.K. Voting System to Deliver Mixed Results

LONDON—Thursday’s U.K. general election could produce some contentious results: large gaps between what some parties win in the popular vote and the number of seats they secure. 8 more words


Improving our Voting Systems

A presidential report suggests good reforms, but its support for no-excuse absentee ballots is wrong.

More information: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/369337/improving-our-voting-systems-john-fund