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You've Been Tango'd!

Flickr’s David Hensel has created this rather nice rover, based on LEGO’s Mars Mission theme. It’s equipped with black, Technic tracks and some cleverly attached headlights. 75 more words


Sport | Fiat 128

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By MahmoudVeron

Source: 500px.com


Sup3r Stadium Truck | Short Course

Sup3r Stadium Truck

Extreme Suspension

Rear View

This is a large short-course style stadium truck built with Lego Mindstorms Ev3. It features independent rear suspension and a front live axle with steering. 179 more words


Land Rover Defender 90

My previous car was crying out to be replaced and somebody driving up the back of it at a pedestrian crossing brought this forward. I’ve had a liking for… 132 more words


Clockworks Parking

Let us introduce a new 2 players game when it comes to driving cars and parking them onto the right spot. Featuring 12 super fancy, futuristic and quite challenging parking missions, the objective of this 2 players parking game is to drive the car onto the right parking spot. Once a player…

Transportation | Toyota GT86

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By Robert_Sendziak

Source: 500px.com