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Karl’s Cuban Moros y Cristianos (Cuban Black Beans and Rice)

I am making Cuban Picadillo, a mild Cuban chili. Chili calls for beans and rice. I have made Mexican black beans and rice before, but each country—village?—mother?—has their own take on this dish. 708 more words


Meat Free Monday: Vegan Lasagne

Oh look it’s another badly presented dish!

This is a lasagne recipe that is completely vegan! It uses tofu instead of ricotta and I just added a bit of dairy free cheese on the top. 118 more words


Karl’s Orange and Baby Greens Salad with Cuban Vinaigrette

I am making Cuban Picadillo for dinner on Sunday, but I had difficulty finding any Cuban green vegetable side dishes. I needed to make more of my… 531 more words


10 Myths About Vegetarianism

Hi guys!

I’d like to just start by saying a massive thank you for all the support I got yesterday on my first ever poetry post. 1,121 more words


5 Minute Cucumber Raita

Raita has to be one of my favourite sides. This is a must for me with almost any Indian meal I eat. There’s so many variations but cucumber raita tops the rest for me. 124 more words


Sweet Potato Marshmallow Pie

Certainly not my healthiest recipe but something a bit fun for those choosing to have a little sugar now and then!

I made this dish as a random idea/experiment for Christmas dinner this year and it turned out surprisingly well. 140 more words


Margarine: emulsion of vegetable fats

Margarine is an emulsion of fat, usually plants, which was prepared for the first time by the French chemist Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès in 1870, creating a… 146 more words