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Karl’s Cherry Bruschetta

Adapted from a Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association recipe

Jan and I were at our local farmers’ market and Jan spotted a table with piles of free printed recipes. 198 more words


Karl’s Blueberry Bran Muffins

Adapted from a Fiber One recipe

Miriam and Chris have gone off carbohydrates and gave us some Fiber One cereal. Earlier this week, Jan looked up a recipe for muffins and I adapted it to our tastes. 420 more words


Karl’s Cranberry Banana Bran Mini-Muffins

Adapted from a Fiber One recipe

Miriam and Chris have gone off carbohydrates so, of course, they gave us what they did not plan to eat anymore. 391 more words


Colour and flavour fills my lunches...

I’ve been having a play this week; I’ve been throwing ideas round my head and using some different ingredients to see what I can create for my lunches, so today I am sharing a couple of them with you and the partygoers at this week’s blog party extraordinaire: … 485 more words


Choco Chip Cookies to Chase Away the Blues

I haven’t had such a disheartening day in a long time.  Lately I’ve been asked to audition more and acting is something that I’ve done in the past, but have taken a break from it to focus on other pursuits.  646 more words


Stir fry

I think by now you know what an extended Sorting Dinner hiatus means. It means that life has gone a bit mad.

Here are the ways in which it has gone mad: 314 more words


Buckwheat Sourdough Starter (recap)

Some of you may recall my Buckwheat Sourdough Pancakes from a couple of years back. I didn’t keep up with the starter after a while (I’m the only one who likes buckwheat cakes around here), but recently made the starter again, this time with the idea of using it for other things. 548 more words