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A Day in the Life

On a Saturday morning in March my alarm went off at 7:15 a.m.  I actually woke up at 8:15, which left exactly one hour to wake everyone else up, throw together swimming and ballet gear, and rush out the door to make my daughter’s 9:45 swimming class. 226 more words

Vegetable Garden

Rainy Day Garden

The vegetable garden is zinging along. I used last year’s seeds, and not as many of them sprouted. Instead of throwing away good seeds with bad, I scattered a lot of them. 142 more words

Healthy Living

4/24/15: In the garden this week

The weather is cold, which is really, really good for planting: plants grow roots when the soil is cool, and there’s much less danger of roots drying out. 708 more words


Party Aftermath

Last night’s Bloom Party at the high school appeared to be a huge success.
The greenhouse was filled with people, tables were overflowing with food, and the purchase line stretched down the aisle. 93 more words


Vegetables You Should Start Planting In The Month Of May

Different types of crops grow well in different months of the year. For instance, there are certain crops that can only be planted in the month of May because the temperature, humidity and rainfall are conducive. 323 more words


Woman vs. tarp

Baxter here with a garden update for y’all.

At least that’s what Julia says we’re making. It doesn’t look like any garden I’ve seen before. 531 more words


April 23, 2015


Several weeks ago, I mentioned that I had taken out a couple of huge herb bushes from Bed 4, near the back door. I wondered if the lilies-of-the-valley I planted in there several yeas ago might be able to show their faces. 400 more words