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Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Mushrooms & Sourdough Croutons

This is one of those dishes that happened because it was the day before shopping day. We had a motley collection of things in the fridge and somehow they came together to make this delicious wintry vegetable dish. 495 more words

I Cook

Bacon Frittata Cups, Have a nice cute brunch 小巧可愛的迷你義式培根烘蛋

Isn’t it sweet to wake up early in a weekend morning to take your time and enjoy cooking for your families? Let this indulgence smell of bacon frittata wake your significant other up to join a perfect holiday brunch with you is the best way to spend a relaxing weekend morning.  159 more words


Creamy Shiitake Mushroom Soup

Shiitake mushrooms add a woody flavour and meaty texture to a traditional creamy mushroom soup so if you’re looking for a little something extra, this is your guy. 249 more words


Fresh Basil Salsa and Shrimp Cocktail 雞尾酒鮮蝦佐羅勒莎莎醬

Gotta try something Mexican this week!!!!

Salsa is one of my favorite kinds of Mexican side dish. The refreshing, spicy sauce with chips is the best appetizer. 143 more words


Spicy Red Lentil Soup ❤️

I just cannot stop making a weekly batch of soup for my whole family to enjoy. Be it Winter or Spring or even Summer (I have a super cold Summer soup recipe), soup will always find a space on our dining table. 316 more words

Staying Healthy

My mother's easy to make, healthy & yummy Potato Salad 💛

Potato salad takes me back to my childhood. Family barbecues enjoyed in the garden, my father manning the grill, my mother preparing a whole array of amazing delights – marinated chicken on skewers, colourful peppers drizzled in olive oil, and there would always be her famous ‘potato salad.’ 376 more words

Staying Healthy