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Sanskrit Ribhu Gita Ch 7 part 5

from Sanskrit Ribhu Gita Ch 7, part V

(35)   I have no Listening shravana, Reflection manana, or 1-Pointed Profound Meditation nididhyasana; nor do I have anything “self-inspired… 167 more words


ज्ञानी-जो निर्विशेष है

क्व प्रारब्धानि कर्माणि जीवन्मुक्तिरपि क्व वा।
क्व तद् विदेहकैवल्यं निर्विशेषस्य सर्वदा।।

                          -अष्टावक्र गीता(२०.४)

वक्ता: एक तो वो आदमी होता है जो दुनिया में इस कदर खोया होता है कि उसको समझने की कोई कोशिश ही नहीं करता है। वो कहता है, “इसमें समझना क्या है? 34 more words


Self Knowledge 84 – “Self-Realization” Satsang

Returning the Mind to the place of its Origin is said to be the spiritual practice. When you recognize that a thought is just a thought, & no longer call it your Self, no longer regard the thought as Reality, or no longer regard the thought as having anything to do with Reality, that is the practice of returning the Mind to the place of its Origin. 384 more words


Ribhu Gita Ch 26 part 4

from Ribhu Gita Ch 26, part IV

(15)   Abide in That in which the 4-Fold means for Realization of Brahman (sadhana chatushtaya) do not exist. 355 more words


Remember by Heart, and let the memory forget

आचक्ष्व शृणु वा तात नानाशास्त्राण्यनेकशः।
तथापि न तव स्वास्थ्यं सर्वविस्मरणाद् ऋते॥

          – अष्टावक्र गीता (अध्याय-१६ सूत्र-१)

Translation: Even after hearing from many scholars or reading many scriptures, you will not be established in self, as after forgetting every single thing. 2,770 more words


Minutes Of The Meeting Held On Thursday 12 March 2015

Portfolio Review:

The club decided to set the following stop loss limits:-

  • Elementis (ELM) at 255p,
  • Oxford Biomedica (OXB) at 8.5p and
  • Thomas Cook (TCG) at 10%
  • 58 more words
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