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So This Is Motherhood

You know you’re getting old when…. Your friends are slowly but surely exiting the pregnancy/baby stage.

The last few weeks for me have been quick. Friday morning of Father’s Day weekend (can’t make this up folks) my husband got an early present. 355 more words


FAQs on Vasectomy

Many men want the opportunity to plan the number of children they have – and many women want to finally be able to share the responsibility of contraception with their partner. 693 more words


Vasectomy Doctors In Cary North Carolina

Looking for vasectomy doctors in Cary?

How about driving 11 miles over to Raleigh to see Dr. Charles Monteith?

Dr. Monteith specializes in minimally invasive vasectomy. 401 more words

MC: "Vasectomy."

Shortly after D-day, TL asked me to get a vasectomy.  TL was unable to get pregnant again due to a medical issue.  TL was worried that I would carelessly cheat again and end-up getting some woman pregnant. 623 more words

Our Story

Boobs and Dicks

Sex has fascinated me from a very young age.

When I was a kid, growing up in the 70’s, boobs were everywhere, they were in movies, tv shows, newspapers too. 1,554 more words


No matter your own personal opinion on the matter, society seems preoccupied with the use of contraceptives.

After EM was born, my nurse asked about my birth control plan. 276 more words


Putting The Baby Days Behind Us

I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry.

That has become my mantra for when I go through the various baby items Baby Girl no longer uses. 659 more words