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Balls Of Steel?!

Our 5th child was born at the beginning of December 2014. We knew we wanted her to be our last so just before I had her we got the ball rolling for Steve to undergo a vasectomy. 603 more words

What to Expect From Your Vasectomy

Beware!  The Doc will not tell you everything in your initial consultation.  He knows that if he did, he would soon be out of the vasectomy business.   1,855 more words


The Snip

I don’t consider this particularly delicate or personal information, although it’s certainly as intimate as it really gets. Sometimes the strange social and psychological buildup of neuroses and taboos amuse me. 303 more words

Vasectomy North Carolina: A Unique Place To Get Snipped!

If you are searching the web for “vasectomy North Carolina” then you should consider having a vasectomy with Dr. Charles Monteith of A Personal Choice in Raleigh North Carolina… 502 more words

The vasectomy conundrum

At the young age of 27 I’m considering a vasectomy. It’s not a new thought, I’ve been considering it since I realized I was bipolar at 16. 79 more words


The Things I Say to My GP...

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with my GP. I love him to bits (in a doctor/patient kind of way) but I hate seeing him because whenever I do it’s when I’ve some kind of health issue. 625 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Sterilised at 26

Why do people feel the need to have an opinion on stuff that doesn’t concern them? The other day a woman told me I was ‘silly’ for deciding so young that I wasn’t going to have more children. 353 more words