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Vasectomy Side Effects - Answers from a Vasectomy Veteran

Considering the true cost of a vasectomy? Or just worried about your upcoming vasectomy surgery and side effects? Well, you’re now in the hands of a professional! 733 more words

Vasectomy Side Affects

I Just Don't Want to Get Married

Here is the thing since I can’t leave this place in anyway,  And I don’t want to become another zombie like the rest of the zombies who are living here so I’m totally wiling  to get a Vasectomy. 118 more words

Meet the New Orleans magician / urologist who offers a March Madness vasectomy special

This article appeared in USA Today Sports
By: NATE SCOTT March 18, 2015 2:19 pm ET



Dr. Baum Facebook
Dr. Baum’s Facebook… 570 more words

March Madness Is Here and According To Studies That Means All Your Coworkers Are Going To Be Getting Vasectomies This Weekend

Via- CNN

You think March Madness is all about basketball? Think again.

Sure, millions will be watching the 2015 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament to see whether Kentucky’s bid for an unbeaten season can be quashed or whether a 14 seed can make it to the Final Four. 309 more words


Losing My Marbles

I just had a phone call that was either the most hilarious or cringe-inspiring in my life. In less than a five-minute conversation, I think I got whiplash from the number of times I oscillated between the extremes. 1,697 more words


The Snip.

Aaaaaaaaand .. that’s all folks! No more babies in this household. No siree, Bob. Because, a few weeks ago, Mr T got the snip.

The chop. 687 more words


A Shattered Delusion

There was a time when my life was illusory and paradoxical.  I used to have a bleak outlook where I believed that my life was purposeless and I was wasting the years that had been given to me, yet I was certain that I was a pretty good guy purported by my strong character and perfect sense of right and wrong that would ultimately garner an exceedingly favorable afterlife.   500 more words