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The Things I Say to My GP...

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with my GP. I love him to bits (in a doctor/patient kind of way) but I hate seeing him because whenever I do it’s when I’ve some kind of health issue. 625 more words

Thinking Out Loud

Sterilised at 26

Why do people feel the need to have an opinion on stuff that doesn’t concern them? The other day a woman told me I was ‘silly’ for deciding so young that I wasn’t going to have more children. 353 more words


Vasectomy & Cigars

Last Sunday I went to get my dog a vasectomy or neutered or something, basically I wanted him to stop having coitus with my work boots. 71 more words

There are so many things coming!

I know, I have been so majorly absent but we have been so busy (I know, I said this last week too) but it’s true!! This morning I finished up the paperwork and registration for my husband to get a vasectomy! 59 more words

The Vasectomy Experience

Hear Rocci’s experience he had while having his vasectomy done. A serious procedure, but a twist of humor.

You can hear full episodes of EBN Talk Radio at… 49 more words

Chelsea Houska's Reaction to Adam Lind's Reported Vasectomy

‘Teen Mom 2′ dad Adam Lind recently reportedly got a vasectomy and Chelsea Houska couldn’t be more relieved! A source close to Chelsea explained to… 185 more words

Teen Mom 2

Adam Lind Gets a Vasectomy!

‘Teen Mom 2′ star Adam Lind may have just made the best decision of his life! A new report says that Chelsea’s baby daddy is done having kids and got a vasectomy last week! 64 more words

Teen Mom 2