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Prius House

Experimental house on a Prius from Australia.

What an odd combination.  I like it indeed.  The short article is HERE.

“It provided a stylish place to sleep at the Meredith Music Festival in Victoria earlier this month while his fellow campers were forced to rough it in tents.

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We put siding on most of the exterior! It is both lovely and exciting. We would have siding up on all three framed walls if I was able to math properly but as it is, we’ll just have to finish up with a few more small pieces. 134 more words


Camper Bicycle

I would love a human-powered world with creatures like this filling our highways, quietly and without belching exhaust into the air.  Maybe we wouldn’t need to expend all our resources and youth expanding the empire to secure our ever-growing need for oil overseas. 36 more words


The Tiniest Motor Vardo?

A true micro vardo created by Iosu Vakerizzo, a visual artist, musician, film maker and more.  The video below is a stop-action of him setting up and taking down his moped powered one man caravan.  16 more words


The Micro Airstream Bike Camper

Paul Elkins seems to be quite an inventor and a talented Maker.  Here is an ingenious and practical shelter he created that weighs only 45 pounds (20 kg). 109 more words


Under the canopy of heaven: A Gypsy's winter birth in Lincolnshire, 1820

When you picture gypsies of the past, do you picture them travelling in their gaudily painted horse-drawn caravans or vardo’s?  In truth, this form of transport is a relatively modern invention, and the gypsy people generally sheltered in ‘bender’ tents, using donkeys and carts to transport and carry their tents and their belongings from place to place.  304 more words

Gypsies Of Georgian England

Can Street Art Make The Rural Feel More Urban?

A Close Look at the Norwegian Municipality Vardø and the Street Art Festival Komafest

I’m going to investigate how street art functions in the Norwegian municipality of Vardø to keep its inhabitants from moving into the city. 6,732 more words