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Color me Adventure

If adventure had a color it would be red

Because red is the color of the last sunset I saw, it was the color of the worst combinations of food I made just to get enough calories, the color of the fires that kept me warm and safe at night,the color of my scrapes and cuts from climbing the Devil’s Tower, the color of my lips when I kissed the one I love for the first time in a long time, the color of my chest as I hugged old friends,  the color of my thumb when I burned it trying to cook mac & cheese for the hundredth time, the color of my palms when I met strangers and shook their hands, the color of a little boy exploring the country with his father, the color of my paddle as I rafted down rapids, the color of my eyes when I couldn’t find a place to sleep, the color of my feet as I ran across the road barefoot to get close to rams, the color of my ice ax as I plunged it into a glacier, the color of the temperature gauge when I drove uphill, the color of my fingertips as I ran them across caribou’s fur, the color of my breathe when everything was falling apart, the color of my cheeks when a wolf approached me, the color of my legs as I walked through thick brush, the color of my skin as I summitted mountains, the color of my van as it chugged across the country to the last frontier.


Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site (and costumes!)

The Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site is possibly the second largest attraction on the Breton cape area of Nova Scotia (known as Cape Breton) and a fascinating archeology and anthropology reconstruction. 220 more words


Trying to pose three dogs and a man is like herding cats.

Or it is like………………. posing dogs.

25th June - Chefchaoeun, getting lost on a trek, and last few days in Morocco

I heard that Chefchaouen was a nice place to spend a few days in Morocco so I found a campsite high up in the mountain overlooking the town (camping Azilan) and decided to finish my Moroccan journey here (forgot about Tangier…..) 389 more words

A time for adventure!!!

it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. This usually happens during periods of big change…this time was no exception!! I’ll be updating soon, but will be blogging on our new travel site… 31 more words

In The Moment

23rd June 2015 - Meknes, an authentic experience of Morocco

I spent the day in Meknes, and then drove further North to Chefchaouen.

I was initially in two minds if to head into another large city, but I researched and because it was described as: authentic, not touristic, often overlooked, and imperial. 551 more words


Our first day in Norway, we met, as we came around a bend … an elk – powerful and imperturbable, wild and free – standing in the middle of the road as we were driving right towards him. 370 more words