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'Navajo Hogan's' is Delicious

We spent a few weeks in Utah. Unfortunately, we did not get much in the way of snow. We made what we could of it- here’s some pictures!


♛♪ I'm gonna be Iron, like a Lion, in Zion ♫♕

Our hearts and souls continue to be filled by the majestic energy that explodes from the beauty of the exotic landforms on the Colorado Plateau, and Zion Canyon is no exception. 642 more words


It's been a month since I've had a hot shower.

As I lay in the bed of our van listening to the waves lap softly on the shore and the rush of morning traffic on the highway, I remember it’s been a month today since we last had a hot shower. 337 more words


"What if I fall? Oh but my darling, what if you fly?*" ✨➳

If you ever question how tiny you really are in this enchanted world of ours, go stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon; breath will fleet faster than your heart sinks as your eyes try to capture and your brain cells attempt to absorb the boundless beauty of these captivating canyons. 219 more words


VANlife... "Must Be Nice!"

We know you’re guilty of it. You read livingVANdal, you think, “Yeah, that’s cool. Must be nice.” (You know…where “nice” is emphasized with a sighing hint of envy.) Some people are quick to assume that we must be independently wealthy, that we never work, or that our situation is a product of luck, not choice. 1,312 more words

1 month.

Well we have officially been on the road for a whole month. We’ve seen and done so many things that we’ve barely had time to relax. 407 more words


FAQ: Where Do You Shower?

Another one of our most frequently asked questions, after WHERE DO YOU PEE!?, is: where do you shower?  People have all kinds of feelings and opinions they would like to share about personal hygiene. 1,755 more words