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The ’56 Bel Air -- an American Dream worth having

The Italian word for “very beautiful” is bellissimo — itself a very beautiful word. But you only say this if you’re referring to guys. To say that a woman is very beautiful,  you say that she is — … 470 more words

Vancouver B.C.

How enthralled is that kitty in the window?

Cats, it seems to me, watch people in much the same way that people watch their smartphones — with curiosity, anticipation and a general air of one hoping for some sort of functionality or entertainment. 79 more words

Vancouver B.C.

The Downtown Eastside now delivers to Fairview

About two hours ago I was halfheartedly watching two big blue and yellow Unitow tow trucks slowly circle the 99 B-Line bus that had conked out in the westbound curb lane of the 1400 block of West Broadway Avenue at about 5 p.m. 489 more words

Vancouver B.C.

Crowds begin making their Grexit from Greek Day

It’s 6;30 p.m. in Vancouver. The skies are now overcast and a light drizzle is intermittently falling through the sultry early evening air.

From my vantage point in the the 1400 block of West Broadway Avenue, I can infer the course of distant events in much the same way that astronomers can detect unseen planets by perturbations in the orbits of planets that they can see. 273 more words

Vancouver B.C.

The Fire and Rescue crew at Fire Hall No. 4 remember

On Tuesday, June 23, the flag was flying at half-mast outside of the shared building in the 1400 block of West 10th Avenue, which houses both the Vancouver Public Library’s Firehall Branch and the Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services… 530 more words

Vancouver B.C.

British Columbia: "The Tempest" at Bard on the Beach (2014)

All the talk of Japan on this blog, it’s probably hard to see where my other nerdy proclivities lie. Take Shakespeare: in high school I was that dork who loved reading Hamlet and writing essays about it.  1,347 more words


Reading isn't rocket science, or maybe it is

If you happen to go by the Vancouver Public Library’s Firehall Branch, at 1455 10th Avenue, you’ll probably notice that it now has its own rocket ship. 225 more words

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