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Look at these big beautiful blossoms

As super powers go, it’s fairly pedestrian but I can make people look.

I can make people look when I’m binning with my bicycle and trailer through a back alley and and I cross an intersecting street. 326 more words

Vancouver B.C.

Bitcoin is coming to a coffee house near you

When I turned up this afternoon at the Waves Coffee House on the corner of West Broadway Avenue and Spruce Street I noticed the really large wrapped package standing about five feet tall under the big clock but, other than musing that it might be something like a new signboard, I ignored it. 281 more words

Vancouver B.C.

I am your father Luke, now drink your milk!

In recent months I’ve started seeing a new style of white plastic milk jug in Container recycling bins. It’s very similar to other plastic milk jugs except that it’s white and features an especially sharp-edged and deep concavity on one side. 90 more words

Vancouver B.C.

Message of the calaveras -- enjoy it while it lasts

Last week I came across this neat (if a bit macabre) little boxed display of two skeletons all dressed up like they were out to have a good time — as if the dead can dance! 584 more words

Vancouver B.C.

The dumpster is alive with the...?

Is “rot-iron heavy metal” too redundant a term to describe the decorative bit of irony I found sticking out of a dumpster last night?

At least it reminded me why I should wear gloves when I poke around in the garbage — there’s always the risk of catching a nasty staff infection or something. 6 more words

Vancouver B.C.

How to lose yourself (or your art) in a book

I’m still searching for a neighbourhood where residents absentmindedly use $100 dollar bills as bookmarks. Last week I at least found a book in a part of the Fairview neighbourhood where someone had marked their place with a fine limited edition print, so I think I’m getting warm! 426 more words

Vancouver B.C.

A Binner's sunset

From the point of view of binners — those industrious scoundrels who go through the back alleys collecting returnable beverage containers — the wider world presents itself as a constant succession of discreet looks. 157 more words

Vancouver B.C.