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How to lose yourself (or your art) in a book

I’m still searching for a neighbourhood where residents absentmindedly use $100 dollar bills as bookmarks. Last week I at least found a book in a part of the Fairview neighbourhood where someone had marked their place with a fine limited edition print, so I think I’m getting warm! 426 more words

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A Binner's sunset

From the point of view of binners — those industrious scoundrels who go through the back alleys collecting returnable beverage containers — the wider world presents itself as a constant succession of discreet looks. 157 more words

Vancouver B.C.

Paint-by-number woodwork should be a "thing"

For a brief moment this afternoon I thought maybe I’d struck it rich and found a hitherto unknown Group of Seven painting.

Then I realized that I wasn’t looking at an “ 105 more words

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The ongoing fall of the Santa Fe (and its trees)

This morning the building lot at 2975 Oak Street — the site formerly known as the Santa Fe apartments — was peaceful, quiet and quite barren. 1,425 more words

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Bob Ross would've loved this happy painting

My binner friend the Green Guy was right about the latest painting someone left beside a dumpster in the Fairview neighbourhood.

It was an oil painting with many classic “Bob Ross” touches: a joyfully naive depiction of an orange teddy-bearish tiger, set against a smeary blue backdrop, with the tiger’s spots “smooshed-in” here and there and a big ol’ happy tree growing out of the tiger’s head, just because. 348 more words

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Sign of teamwork on West Broadway

Sunday I stopped on my way to breakfast to watch a lot of guys putting up a new sign in front of a bike store in the 1400 block of West Broadway Avenue. 23 more words

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Weeding out Vancouver's danger poles

After a winter’s rest, more of Vancouver’s wooden utility poles are being subjected to close scrutiny.

Inspectors are looking for structural damage to the poles or any of their fittings. 360 more words

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