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Tunnel Vision

To Marc’s surprise, Trey’s expression softens. “Look, I do get it, okay? How unfairly you all are treated, and how hard it is to fight back. 331 more words

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The Power of an F-16

“The jet—an F-16—was an astonishing machine. Its shadow flashed on the houses on the other side of the court; in the same instant it created a sonic boom that felt like being kicked in the chest by a mule. 37 more words

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If I Were a Monster, I Would Be a Skeleton Because I Could Totally Throw My Head at Some Dudes

Sometimes you will sit around and have a few drinks with your pals. One of them probably watches Twilight or True Blood. He or she probably enjoys the drama and sexual tension that comes with being a creature of the night. 519 more words

Choosing Which Monster To Be

The Belvedere Before the Action

“Ready for another, sir?” the bartender asks, already reaching for a fresh glass.

The station is set up on the back patio of the Kentucky Center for the Arts, a triangular swath of concrete defined by the soaring glass back walls of the building, which meet at odd angles, and the grassy public plaza called The Belvedere. 83 more words

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The Real F Word

Michael realizes his mistake too late, when he sees the set of his mother’s jaw change. She looks him up and down. Finally, her eyes come to rest on his chin. 188 more words

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No Stopping Saturday

“Well, this is not how the city normally is,” Dr. Reilly explains. “Don’t get me wrong, I like Thunder and all the rest of the Derby events, but… Let’s just say we collectively lose our minds at this time of year. 160 more words

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