Nine long steps forward.  Every moment that Erik’s feet hit the leaf-littered the Minotaur stepped closer.  The world slowed as he recalled stepping through the gate of the city.   538 more words

City Of Zombies

Kat's Review - Cupid's Secrets

A Review of: Cupid’s Secrets
Kinklectic ~ Thirteen Sexy Stories

Where else are Cupid (aka Eros), the rest of the other Greco-Roman gods and goddesses, a demon, a werewolf, a witch, a trio of were-cats, and a mind meddling vampire going to tangle with hockey superstars, attorneys, bar keeps, nurses, doctors and just your regular average Jack or Jill except in this truly eclectic mix of romantic tales? 165 more words


Chasing After A Dream


I had no idea what she was talking about. Why would I kiss her when she was frozen or in a sleep? What did she really think? 445 more words


You Suck: A Love Story (Christopher Moore)

It’s hard to know what to say about You Suck that I didn’t already say about Bloodsucking Fiends. A lot of it is very similar, just as a sequel should be. 1,957 more words


Change of Hearts-part 14

The skies were crisp with the bloom of peace, as Nemius and Lueka sailed through the mystical air that was the new world…Closer and closer to civilization they sailed, their voyage finally drawing to a close,The new land…Was upon them.The two exited off of the boat, and onto dry land, Lueka following behind Nemius, her eyes sparkled with wonder at all of the things that she saw.“Where are we?” Lueka asked.Nemius held a smile that glowed,  390 more words


The Opening Lines of our WIP, Faerie Rising

Our friend over at https://writingouttakes.wordpress.com/ showed up their fantastic first lines today, and after totally geeking out about them we thought that looked like a lot of fun.  338 more words

Urban Fantasy

World Of Darkness: Risen From The Grave

One year ago this month, the World of Darkness MMO project was cancelled by CCP games.

Today, Matt Firor at Zenimax Entertainment announced they’ve purchased the rights to make World of Darkness using their Elder Scrolls Online platform. 147 more words