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Self Actualization

Why being a professor is NOT like running a small business

This week, Professor Alice Gast, President of Imperial College, London, reiterated a tired old comparison between academics/professors and small business owners. In a proposition I have heard from many academics, … 784 more words

Expat Chronicles: Calling for Backup

When you have visitors, it’s easy to show off the best parts of your adopted home abroad. The sights, the opportunities, your kick ass apartment a few blocks from the beach. 860 more words

A Broad Abroad

VIDYA: Wise and Wonderful

‘Wise and Wonderful’

Grandparents: They are so kind and full of wisdom. They are always there for you to look up to, for moral support. 376 more words


Five Things I Want To Teach My Daughter

After having two sons, my husband and I welcomed our daughter into our family almost two years ago. Being a mother to a little girl (after my own father being noticeably absent from my young life) has changed me in more ways than I have time to describe in this blog post. 1,190 more words


Every democracy must defend itself against those organizations who exploit it

Every democracy must defend itself against those organizations who exploit its
Liberties to destroy it from within. The toxic environment produced by such organizations is unmistakable. 489 more words


Dressing for Chapter

Dressing up for chapter can sometimes feel like one of those tedious or pointless things and in many chapters it begins to get overlooked.  Women begin to show up in sweatpants and t-shirts or yoga pants and flipflops. 253 more words