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5 upgrades for under $5,000 to put your home at the top of every buyer's list

It’s a sobering truth of real estate that sellers often have to spend money to make money. Even if your home is relatively new, you still face costs associated with getting it ready to show, such as repainting interior rooms or hiring professional cleaners and stagers. 755 more words

Home Value

Amy's Table lunch next Tuesday, May 5 at Noon ~ Crescent Springs LaRosa's

 Amy’s Table is a networking group

that meets on the first Tuesday of the month for lunch at Noon in Northern Kentucky. Buying and selling homes is one of the biggest financial decisions you can make. 714 more words

After effects of complaining

When we continuously criticise and complain about :

– the place we have been placed,
– the people that enter our lives

– the food which is served on our platter… 42 more words



Curt, I said, these words in my head

used to bottle up the dregs

reaching out floating found

that the message to expound

sounds loud and clear: we are here… 23 more words


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for the curt retrievers...

In the beginning...

I am going to fail you. I probably know I already have. I have been afraid to speak truth because I know that my words, spoken over and over, no matter how loudly, truthfully or sincerely, it wouldn’t be enough. 228 more words



the girl knits a collection

of odds and ends –


various plastic containers,

glass jars for holding candlelight,

vintage books as coffee coasters –


this is how she values herself. 164 more words


Human Worth

How do you put a price on someone’s life? To actually be able to see how much an individual is worth? Is it by the amount of money they make (their net worth), the amount of positive change they have brought to the world (humanitarianism), how many lives they have saved (a hero), how much they mean to those closest to them (a loved one), or simply the price someone will pay to have them as their property (a slave)? 1,167 more words