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Pastel contrast and drape

The richness and quality of editorials you can find in China Vogue aren’t necessarily surprising though continually invoking an impressive valuation. If you need to change an international System 1 perception of low quality, you get a lawyer at the helm for a nationwide rebranding session. 52 more words



Unleash my true self
By binding the false one
Take from me fear and self-doubt
Show me what love thy self is all about
Put in me darkness… 32 more words


You Matter

The Search for Significance

I want to share with you, a teaching that I received from Larry Stockstill of the Bethany World Prayer Center. Before I do, I want to address the propaganda that is being put out by our highest government offices. 487 more words


Information, broadly defined.

Fingerprints as information.

London Man Convicted of U.S. Soldier’s Murder,” Wall Street Journal, May 22, 2015 A6.  Based on fingerprints on homemade bombs in Iraq, man convicted of murder of a US soldier in Iraq in 2007. 16 more words


Vegan chocolate is much cheaper in bulk!

(Relatively speaking, that is.)

If you are a vegan/milk-avoider who enjoys chocolate you’ll know that it’s usually not cheap. It’s possible to buy 100g of plain Value/Basics chocolate for around 30p, but most of those contain milk (I’m told Morrisons sell a bar without milk listed in the ingredients) but when I tried a non-milky one several years ago I was not at all impressed with the taste.  416 more words

Do You Like to Color?

Yesterday I played in EQ7 with a design for a big bed quilt. As drawn, it would finish as a 96″ square, a good size for a queen bed. 84 more words


Own it!!! 

God created you on his image & likeness. He loves you and as such Jesus deemed you worth dying for!!! Please stop allowing other’s opinions &/or actions to determine who you are, and what you do!

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