Mon Préféré

Hello there, my pretty boy
How have you been?
You’re still my favorite
But you know I cannot be your queen

Ahhh how I wish to trade the magic words… 63 more words


Road Trip to Kolad (August 2014)

My first road trip ever took place in India! The best thing about this trip was the fact that it was just all of my cousins without any 30-year old adults. 179 more words

Yosemite National Park

Road Trip!!Bridal FallsSomewhere in the world, Wes Anderson was smiling.My awesome friend whom I met on my jog. He quit his job in media marketing and travels the world and does cool things like this. 454 more words

San Francisco

Talking Posh

Apparently I talk posh.

Well, this is somewhat subjective to the listener, but for the majority of the time, this is something most people agree on. 464 more words


What is 'home'?

The place you’re from, the place you live, the place you feel most comfortable, the bricks and mortar you inhabit?

I hope you know, because I really am flummoxed. 450 more words


Inside Navarre

Behind the Cathedral of Pamplona there is a shy square surrounded by houses of two floors with a fountain in the middle, many old trees and a convent of nuns in a white little old building. 62 more words


Dark side of the Moon

We’ve been hit pretty badly by forrest/mountain fire’s lately. So today walked through the Welsh countryside and photographed this heart breaking scenes.
As I strolled over the ash of the earth I decided I must return in a week or two and show the progress of natures recovery.