So whose ready for the explicit metaphores?

I must admit someone has set my heart ablaze agian! I got to many poems involveing beards in warm valleys to deny it! One is even all time travel science laced you could probably read this to a kid and he wont get it till he is thirty haha! 52 more words


Just Two Guarantees In This Life

Have you ever thought of life in general as a disappointment?  Ever said, “Hey, I didn’t sign up for this!”  Well, you’re not alone.

I have recently come to an eye-opening revelation about life. 240 more words


The Mountaintop. The Valley.

** It took me several months to post this on my blog. But the more I thought about it, the more I felt compelled to share my thoughts and circumstances with those who know me; especially with the ones who I’m close to. 1,663 more words

Ride in to the Valleys in India

The ride is different and so is is the feeling being here and enjoying the nature in its true undaunted forms. A sheer pleasure to ride into this untouched regions of the himalayas and in to the lands of the lamas its is priceless. 38 more words


Let's Fly

Across the mountains

Across the trees

Across the valleys

Across my fears

The bird flew

As it was meant to be

It has wings… 42 more words


On Childhood Memories

The Valleys are green and scarred. The mountains aren’t rocky and majestic like Alps. They’re probably not even mountains. They’re rolling and wet and and energy-sapping. 357 more words


alps aerial view

snow and fog on montains

View from an airplan of a montain covered by snow and fog on valleys in fall.

See how to buy this picture… 17 more words