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Bhuj boy [Khoja Allidina Visram] turned African trade pioneer | The Times of India

 Visram was well known for his immense philanthropy. He inspired thousands of peasants to immigrate from Kutch for a better future, and 90% of Ismailis settled in Uganda and Kenya owe him all that they are today .

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A Monumental History Book of Asians in Uganda

A Kenyan Asian economist has spent seven years compiling the history of Asians in Uganda in a monumental book, reports KUL BHUSHAN

After putting in seven years of pain-staking research, away from his family, economist Dr Vali Jamal has almost completed his magnum opus – Uganda Asians: Then and Now, Here and There.


Vali Jamal: 1972 in Canada - Sherali Najak - Aga Khan was an honorary pallbearer

Enclosed are pages on hockey in Vali Jamal’s Uganda Asians book. Also enclosed a page on His Highness the Aga Khan – Pierre Elliott Trudeau friendship, and Mansbridge’s 1 on 1 in 2006. 24 more words