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The Housewife Chronicles of a Roller Coaster Week

I believe that Truth is stranger than Fiction; movies based on true stories with a little tweaking or embellishment are my favorite kind. And so my life, with just a little embellishment, is the theme of this blog. 1,097 more words


Looking For The Best Industrial Backpack Vacuum?

Vacuum cleaners have become popular tools in the present day world and there are many people who look for a quality vacuum cleaner. In businesses, big industrial vacuum cleaner is an essential tool. 347 more words


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Get the best food vacuum sealer bags products from Munro Direct. Unika is Australia’s best-selling domestic vacuum sealer! New superior German quality in stock.

Supplying Australian households with the world’s #1 domestic food vacuum sealer for over 10 years! 29 more words

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Vacuum cleaners have become popular tools in the world that is present day and there are lots of people who look to get a good vacuum cleaner. 104 more words



It has been exactly 1 year, 8 months and 12 days since I gloriously proclaimed that it was time to break the shackles, start writing and feel the wind beneath my wings. 80 more words


Security, Cleanliness and Unencumbered Texting for All of Us

In Jocgeekland, we often receive items for review that may not be “gotta have its” for everyone, but have become essential in satisfying our hunger for “stuff” we can use every day. 1,020 more words

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Some days you are a vacuum
Even your heart is plucked out
Or its beat too low to be felt

Your flame is burnt out… 77 more words