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I Am Laughing At You Not With You

What is the magic point where we as parents make a decision between being protective and being entertained?

  • A toddler running through a hardwood hallway with only a diaper and socks while holding two sharpened pencils… Bad right?
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Bengaluru inventor creates Free Energy from Vacuum -165% efficiency

Thank you Cosmic Vision News for reporting this – Jamil

BENGALURU: After toiling on it for nearly half his life, 80-year-old Paramahamsa Tewari finally received validation for his space generator – a super high-efficiency machine that produces power from vacuum. 59 more words

Dyson DC41 MK2 - Review

Natari is not just about books and games. I am actually a fully functioning adult having to keep house and everything. But still, if you had come to me a decade ago and said to teenager Natari she would be in love with a vacuum, she would have laughed. 867 more words


Verse - Sweep, vacuum, dust

Sweep, Vacuum, Dust
(with presbyopia)

We’re not in a health club–we have no cool shirt.
We don’t go to yoga–nor live in a yurt.
In our house, we clean, 21 more words


Radio L, side A, track 9: "The Hoover Maneuver"

Oh, Hoover, I guess we’ll talk about vacuums for this post. . .

I vaguely remember that saying “The Hoover Maneuver” was a thing back in the day, but I don’t know if it was based on this clip or if I heard it somewhere else, too.   300 more words