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That's Not a Scientific Argument

I had an interesting discussion with someone this weekend about nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. He has his doubts about fusion being a safe and clean energy source because it has the word “nuclear” in it. 252 more words


Vaccination crackdown: Australia announces end to religious exemptions

  • Social services minister Scott Morrison on Sunday announced that the only religious group currently able to claim religious exemptions for vaccinations, Christian Scientists, will no longer be able to do so.
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The New Babylon

Vaccine for Ebola virus - Quick, fast-acting, single dose

During 2014, the outbreak of the West African Makona strain of Ebola Zaire virus killed nearly 10,000 and caused worldwide concern. With increasing population growth in West Africa, the frequency of contact between humans and natural Ebola virus hosts such as bats will likely rise, potentially leading to more catastrophic outbreaks. 280 more words


No link between MMR and autism, study finds

Parents may be skeptical when it comes to vaccinations, especially if they already have a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). A study published in the… 180 more words