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Its time for a vacation...

The past couple months, Ive been getting the most overwhelming feeling of wanting to disappear. No no, not in a suicidal way, just vanish for a bit, then come back. 149 more words


Hot Vacation Deals All Inclusive

What makes your heart pounding and her throat to go dry? What makes your palms sweat and weak knees? Maybe just being near the person you love does all this for you, but the right you can initiate the establishment of a spark of romance burning for life. 8 more words


Our Anniversary Weekend

The cool thing about being married for over twenty years is that we finish each other’s sentences.

Me: Honey, where did you put my slippers?

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Freedom Friday

I wonder as I wander...

We may have a high-functioning autistic teen now, but some fears are slow to outgrow.  We have the very real fear usually only experienced by parents of toddlers- the fear he will wander off.   471 more words

Autism Parenting

10 airports you really want to avoid this summer

You probably already know the worst airports for delays. They’ve been the same for years: Newark, LaGuardia JFK and San Francisco.When the government finally got around to reporting its annual delay statistics for 2014 a few days ago, we saw those lists with the historical laggards. 473 more words


Other Activities Besides Drinking...

So I thought I had this brilliant idea to take my mom to the Grand Caymans because no joke, the flights from Houston and packages are crazy cheap right now! 103 more words


#1-Mexico as a holiday destination.

If there is something that you can always count upon in Mexico, it is holidays. In the towns and cities you visit, it is almost certain that you will encounter celebrations full of music, food and folklore. 208 more words