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Encourage your kids to learn a new language, word by word

So my three-year old came to me and said “Ni Hao”. Engrossed in my favourite tv show I just carelessly nodded. She caught my chin with her small and soft hands, now demanding my full attention. 395 more words


Something Irish: My Irish "Wanna do's"

The first thing I’d do to feel that “something Irish,” is to buy myself a pretty tweed cap. I like tweed caps even before I heard about Ireland! 376 more words


GOSH! It took me months of planning to make my vacation happen and finally, after being away for more than a year I got the chance to visit my hometown again.

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Flying The Tropical Airways to Key West, Florida

My wife and I have a lot in common (they say that helps when you get married), but one thing that freaks her out as much as I love it is flying. 240 more words

Key West Dining

Driving To A Paradise Named Key West

My wife has a business convention every year, and every year she asks me if I want to go with her. The fact that it typically happens in March in cities like Indianapolis and Chicago make me say no pretty quickly, but this year the travel gods were smiling on us. 219 more words

Key West Dining

Seeing The World On One Small Island Called Key West

I would love to be able to see the world. Unfortunately, my boss doesn’t see that happening anytime soon, and if he fired me so I’d have the time, it would severely limit the money I had. 226 more words

Key West

Tips For Surviving Memorial Day Weekend on Delmarva

It’s that time of year again! Pools are opening, meters are going up at the boardwalk, seasonal businesses are opening their doors, and we’re officially kickstarting tourist season on Delmarva.  263 more words

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