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SKILL SHARE #4: An Introduction to Arduino with Allie Deford and Gina Donlin

Saturday, May 2th | 2-4 PM
Sieg Hall Design Lab | UW Campus

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Note: This event is for HCDE graduate, PhD, and certificate students only. 139 more words


Thai green beans

We used the new ingredients to make Thai Green Beans. We were impressed with the smell and taste of the ginger, we thought it smelt fresh and tasted a Simon thought it tasted ‘zingy!’


Farming Friday - what could we cook today?

Jack has brought us some beans from his beanstalk. We have hoisin sauce, soy sauce, peanut butter, spring onions, ginger and green beans…I wonder what we could be cooking today?


"Even less of a commitment"

Today we caught a remarkably (and perhaps unintentionally) clear glimpse of Scott Fitzgerald’s true feelings about UW System funding, courtesy of one little adverb. If you had suspected that Senate Republicans were disinclined to restore any of the proposed $300 million cut, regardless of the size of spring tax receipts, Fitzgerald today removed all doubt. 657 more words


National High Five Day followed by less successful National Butt Tap Day

In the wake of last week’s National High Five Day, celebrated by many by giving high fives to each and every person, National Encouraging Butt Tap Day has been found to be much less popular. 237 more words


Chancellor Blank’s plan to expel all out-of-state students leaked

An anonymous member of the Board of Regents has shared with the Madison Misnomer, Chancellor Blank’s five-step plan to expel out-of-state students and make the University of Wisconsin student body filled only with Wisconsinites. 319 more words


Opinion: I can't live in the Hub, so I'm gonna talk shit about it

Like many students at the University of Wisconsin, I come from a middle class family that can afford many things. While I can attend this fine, reputable university for a number of years, buy new clothes every once in a while and take my girlfriend out to dinner occasionally, there remain a few unattainable luxuries for our tax bracket. 447 more words