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Free To Fall

Free to Fall by Lauren Miller had lofty intentions, but didn’t execute on it. I understand Ms. Miller’s point, we live in a world where technology is increasingly guiding our tastes and decisions. 500 more words

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Back when I was a renter I avoided even looking at basement apartments even though they are usually much cheaper to rent. Oh, I tried once when I lived in Costa Rica. 685 more words

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Red Rising

Usually when people talk about books you hear how they ‘couldn’t put it down.’ My experience with Red Rising by Pierce Brown was the opposite; I ‘couldn’t pick it up.’ I wasn’t really very interested in the book for a number of reasons. 745 more words

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Graduation Day

I remember how surprised the world was when Obama got elected; how African Americans said they never thought this would happen in their lifetime. What I was thinking was, “I can’t believe elected an African-American (well half-black, half white) to the country’s highest office before we have elected a woman President. 549 more words

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It was tempting to leave this review at that one word. Here’s why this Slated Trilogy by Teri Terry justifies a wow:

• This is one of the few series where the middle book in the trilogy wasn’t weaker than the first or last book and that is truly rare. 787 more words

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The Program

I was quickly running through my list of ‘dystopian to read’ novels, and was on what I thought of as my Tier B list while waiting for sequels to be published by my fave authors when I started on… 509 more words

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Splurge Read: Find your Faction; "Divergent"

Hey guys! So, I have just finished reading this book (I know, a little slow on the popularity), and hot damn do I love it! It’s called Divergent, by Veronica Roth and it’s available in the iBooks Store for… 1,307 more words

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