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As suggested by WhiteRabbit user, I have decided to write my first post on books that stole my heart away, crushed it to pieces and super-glued it back together again the wrong way! 346 more words

H.G. Wells: Worker Bee for the New World Order

Most readers are familiar with Wells’ science fiction novels (The Invisible Man, The Island of Dr. Moreau, War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, First Men in the Moon) but the English writer (and member in good standing of the mystery of iniquity) was a relentless worker for one-world government. 624 more words

End Time Deception

Free To Fall

Free to Fall by Lauren Miller had lofty intentions, but didn’t execute on it. I understand Ms. Miller’s point, we live in a world where technology is increasingly guiding our tastes and decisions. 500 more words

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Back when I was a renter I avoided even looking at basement apartments even though they are usually much cheaper to rent. Oh, I tried once when I lived in Costa Rica. 685 more words

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Red Rising

Usually when people talk about books you hear how they ‘couldn’t put it down.’ My experience with Red Rising by Pierce Brown was the opposite; I ‘couldn’t pick it up.’ I wasn’t really very interested in the book for a number of reasons. 745 more words

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Graduation Day

I remember how surprised the world was when Obama got elected; how African Americans said they never thought this would happen in their lifetime. What I was thinking was, “I can’t believe elected an African-American (well half-black, half white) to the country’s highest office before we have elected a woman President. 549 more words

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It was tempting to leave this review at that one word. Here’s why this Slated Trilogy by Teri Terry justifies a wow:

• This is one of the few series where the middle book in the trilogy wasn’t weaker than the first or last book and that is truly rare. 787 more words

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