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My jaw just dropped...[mine, too]

via sexboozentattoos: My jaw just dropped..

Please, please, let this be an urban myth!  Sadly, I suspect not.

My jaw just dropped.

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'That's your apology?’ Reporter of debunked Scott Walker hit piece remains 'rather indignant'

In which @natashavc shows her confidence that DNC propaganda machine @Jezebel has zero accountability. #tcot pic.twitter.com/RZhIY11UOq

— Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) February 28, 2015

As Twitchy reported earlier today, a Scott Walker “hit piece” that originally appeared at Jezebel was…

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America the Brave - Guardian newspaper investigation alleges gross human rights abuses at the hands of Chicago police.

A few months ago, a story broke about the CIA’s use of torture against terrorist suspects across the globe. A Senate Intelligence Committee report, headed by Senator Diane Feinstein, investigated the use of torture in the post-9/11 world and declassified details about how the CIA would routinely use torturous and abusive methods on suspected terrorists. 1,024 more words


The Supreme Court should punt on Same‐sex Marriage

Maybe I’m expecting too much. Nevertheless, it’d be nice to know that five Justices in the Supreme Court actually understand what their constitutional role is.   Click the post: 6 more words

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'Lying hacks’: Campus rape reporting 'hit piece' on Scott Walker implodes

@thedailybeast This is incorrect. You need to stop lying and apologize for your deliberate incompetent error.

— Me in Jersey (@Me_In_Jersey) February 28, 2015

Looking forward to the…

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