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No justice, No Charmin! Looters steal toilet paper, Pringles, and Oreos to honor Freddie Gray

Congratulations, Social Justice Mob. Your Baltimore rioters will go down in history as the most hygiene-conscious ever.

Hands up, pants down, swipe, and wipe!

We are going to need to airlift toilet paper into…

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'Helicopters,' 'explosion,' 'masked' men: Johns Hopkins campus on lockdown; hospital open; updated

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore is advising students to seek shelter and remain in a secure location during the violent social justice outbreak. Masked individuals in hoods and carrying guns have reportedly been spotted. 209 more words

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Questlove says 'thugs' is racist code word...after black lib mayor finally calls thugs 'thugs'

Welp. Here’s Jimmy Fallon bandleader Questlove wandering onto the Baltimore riot scene to inject some racial grievance-mongering.

You already know that the Official Handbook of Leftist Racial Code Words includes everything from… 197 more words

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'Send in the moms!' Baltimore mama smacks rioting son upside the head [video]

Too bad Baltimore’s mayor doesn’t have as much sense as this mom does.

Forget national guard, send the moms! WATCH: Baltimore Rioter Slapped By Mom On News …

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Geniuses: Baltimore rioters steal from African hair salon [video, pics]

The owner of an African beauty salon on Eutaw Street in Baltimore says a TV, computer, and supplies were stolen earlier today by social justice mobsters. 86 more words

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Wonderful: Oakland agitators jump on the burning Baltimore bandwagon [photos]

As if there isn’t enough chaos and anarchy in the streets, here come the social justice mobsters of Oakland to pour fuel on the fire. 321 more words

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Vietnam vet Robert Valentine to Baltimore rioters: Get your butts home! [video]

Robert Valentine, Vietnam vet standing between rioters and police line telling kids to get their butts home, is a hero #BaltimoreRiots #CNN

— Bridget Johnson (@Bridget_PJM) …

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