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Bipartisan Politics Agenda

By: Tyler Larkin

At the start of Barack Obama’s presidency in 2008, he spoke to the American people about hope and a new democracy. During a time of fiscal crisis and low employment, he pushed his campaign to promote taxes on the wealthy and to start a new expanded middle class including low income families, vowed affordable health care reform, and limited military actions on foreign soil. 615 more words


Islamic State supporters threaten Twitter employees

Supporters of the so-called Islamic State have called for attacks on Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and other Twitter employees as retribution for shuttering its propaganda accounts. 254 more words


Enjoying your morning Tea? Get ready for a brand New Revolutionary Lesson Plan!!

Ok, so maybe not all that revolutionary, but this new lesson plan is really exciting for me.Why? Partly because it is the product of what will likely go down as one of my all-time favorite classes at Northwestern (Reading and Writing in the Content Areas!) but also because it’s the first lesson plan I’ve gotten to produce in a while and I’m quite proud of the result. 215 more words


US Government Course Outline

U.S. Government

Mr. Moore

Contact Mr. Moore via email:  w.moore@schoolsofwestfield.org

Help is available Thursday after school or as arranged. Please inform Mr. Moore if you will be staying after. 241 more words


US Government Final Exam Review

The US Government Midterm Exam will be on Chapters 1-9, 24 & 25 (pages 2-256, 680-746).

Each student will be provided with a mid-term review sheet for each chapter.  94 more words


US Government Judicial Branch CH 18,19


 USG.1.5 Explain how the rule of law, embodied in a constitution, limits government to protect the rights of individuals.

USG.2.5 Explain how a shared American civic identity is embodied in founding-era documents and in core documents of subsequent periods of United States history. 1,194 more words


US Government Executive Branch CH 13,14

The Presidency

Daily Reminders:   You are graded daily on compliance, cooperation and effort  as related to school rules, class norms, and class agenda                                                     

Cell Phones Off/Away                                                                 452 more words