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The Artist Calls it Clay #4. My Eye Calls it #2.

CosHarbour snagged some great photos of the most recent art installation by Urs Fischer at the Seagram’s Building in midtown.
From Gagosian:
Fischer’s work is the result of an intimate gesture enlarged to epic proportions. 163 more words


GeoMonday 2015.2 – Managing urban parking space demand

Parking spaces are a highly sought-after and often rare, expensive and non-reservable commodity, which results in frustrated car drivers, waste of resources, environmental pollution and increased traffic density. 189 more words


Greatest review of a hole ever. “Experientially rich, buzzing with energy and entropy, crammed with chaos and contradiction…”

Urs Fischer, the artist, called the hole “You”. 175 more words


Urs fischer - Horse / Fraud, 2010

Urs fischer. “Horse / Fraud” 2010. Silkscreen print on mirror-polished stainless steel sheets, polyurethane foam sheets, two-component polyurethane adhesive, stainless steel beams, aluminum L sections, screws. 11 more words


Urs Fischer

Made from wax these larger than life candles are always burning. Giving every museum guest a truly unique view. Also a big fuck you to the art community cuz how you gonna sell a pile of melted wax?

Urs Fischer: the clay artist

Urs Fischer: The Clay Artist

Urs Fischer is a very creative person; he creates very unique sculptures from things like clay, wax, plaster, and even papier-mâché. 192 more words


Urs Fischer and his Neo-Dada Raindrops

One of my favorite booths at Art Basel Miami Beach this year was Urs Fischer’s Green Raindrops, Horses Dream of Horses.  When you go to an event like this, it makes sense to bring your headliner artists and their greatest hits.   168 more words