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Policing Urban America; Who, What, Where, Why, How?

In this panel we will look at how policing in urban America has evolved in theory and practice. We will examine current issues such as mass incarceration, surveillance, the ‘war’ on crime and the way ‘race’ has been a factor in recent controversies regarding police and African Americans. 95 more words


Sunset Glow by the Snow

The winter brought loads of snow !!! It is always fun to walk in the snow. If you are dressed appropriately and do not mind the cold, the winter can add so much beauty to even the regular neighborhood, that you are familiar with. 45 more words


La Défense 2

Going back to my favourite tools, i took the opportunity of the weekend to do a couple of shots of the same area of La Défense.

The Bridge

Forest of metal


Bridge Street Café – Magic in the Night Coffee Mug

Fun magical photographs from Susan Elkin’s Zazzle shop. She sees the world in a lovely and unique way.  There is magic in this image and I know I see fairies dancing! 167 more words

Functional Art

Autumn in the Suburbs

The afternoon light is a stunning mix of colours, shade and sunlight filtered through the atmosphere. Just beautiful!