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Photoessay: a different kind of KL cityscape

Ordered cubism

I personally find one of the most challenging things to do is make compelling and different images in a situation that is a familiar one: your home city, your usual equipment with nothing particularly special or capable of making a distinctive look (or another way of looking at it is a general purpose tool with a very versatile… 314 more words


Mimosa and Asphalt

Here’s a second asphalt photo: a neighbor’s mimosa blossoms after a storm.

The first photo in this potential series is here. Potential because if I say I will do something, there’s a 50/50 chance I won’t. Unless I really want to.


Tired, hazy mind, sore feet

When I took this I was tired, had a hazy mind, and sore feet from traipsing around the city – this image seem about right.