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Deepening the 40 Million Dollar Hole of our Silver Line by Digging up South Division.

The city commission is now bent on finding some way to “rejuvenate” South Division.   I don’t know why we’d bother except that the strip seems to consume a disproportionate a amount of police resources, and the tax base could be increased if the population and businesses were to return.   1,062 more words

There Is A Bright Side To The Pan-Am Games

The Pan American Games are quickly coming upon us and the city of Toronto. Well let’s just call it the Greater Toronto Area – Authority – whatever it’s called – GTA. 1,077 more words


Opinion: It's crucial to preserve Montreal Island's remaining natural spaces

Last Friday, Montreal and the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro announced plans for western Pierrefonds: To sweeten the deal to build 5,000-6,000 housing units on 185 hectares of land, developers are to cede approximately 80 hectares of surrounding area to the city for preservation. 572 more words

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The Story of Duluth in Data, Part II: Tables and Methodology Notes

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The following tables show the top and bottom ten census tracts in various categories using 2010 boundaries. … 1,005 more words

The Story of Duluth in Data, 1970-2010

How do we tell the story of a city? The most compelling way probably involves walking across it, listening to stories and using one’s eyes, letting the stories tell themselves. 2,775 more words

Ep. 10: Jen Olsen on Rehabbing Waterville's Main Street

Main street is the heart of any town, and many communities in Maine find themselves with heart issues. When new infrastructure, suburban sprawl, and the spread of population brings people away from Main Street, what can be done to bring them back? 61 more words


Greener Cities

by Frances Gannon

The value of green
Describing his vision of the ‘Town-Country’ Garden City, Ebenezer Howard said: “Human society and the beauty of nature are meant to be enjoyed together.” This chimes with contemporary research relating a connection to nature to people’s psychological state and social cohesion. 864 more words