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3 Urban Planning Buzzwords that Need Clarifying

The field is in major need of clearer working definitions for terms tossed haplessly around by scholars.   In multiple papers and news articles I have read, the authors reference gentrification or blight or community, as if there was a common understanding for how these terms are perceived.  540 more words

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The Consequences of No: "Freeway Fight 2.0"

I hope Novae Res Urbis and their writer Karenn Krangle don’t mind, but I’m going to reprint a full article from the current issue.  (Plug: … 1,149 more words


Promoting Public Interest - Participatory Budgeting

On face, the promotion of the public interest sounds like a pretty innocuous concept. In fact, it’s actually a fairly commonly held ideal within the planning community. 668 more words

Storm Water Rules; if only my Septic Tank could Speak

We lived with 3 kids and had 2 medical practices in our home on the Eastbeltline SE in GR for over 25 years. There had been an old septic system and we intended to hook up to city services, but I was misled by the civil engineer supervising the reconstruction of the then new double lane divided highway, so the tank and drain field remained-right next to East Whiskey Creek and about 3 feet above the water table…… 390 more words

Let's Talk About Public Parks And Just How 'Public' It Truly Is

Calvert Vaux and Fredrick Law Olmstead designed Central Park to be a space where the tenets of Democracy — tolerance and diversity — would be translated into the physical world through trees and soil. 1,249 more words

Brilliant ideas: 5 of the smartest cities in Europe

Mashable – Toyota Feb 20, 2015

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Brilliant ideas: 5 of the smartest cities in Europe

Is it the development and planning that go into it, or the innovative tech that emerges from its businesses and labs? 155 more words

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