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The Idea

Convert 2300 square feet of empty city lot into a productive, profitable model for small-scale urban agriculture. The aim of the project is to demonstrate the business model to low resource farmers (farmers who lack access to land and capital) and provide them with the knowledge and resources to generate up to $10,000 in annual income on a lot the size of the average back yard with an initial investment of a few thousand dollars. 110 more words

Urban Agriculture


This is just between you and me, but I love to “drive” thru my kitchen garden and plucking the celery for a quick snack under the shade of the giant pine.  100 more words

Vertical Farming

As arable land decreases and urban populations increase, planners and designers worldwide have begun looking at vertical farming as a way to boost urban food security.

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Urban Agriculture

Tonight at Wolf Performance Hall, London, ON: The documentary, ‘The Rise of Urban Agriculture in London Ontario’ (inaugural LondonSOUP Winner)

Urban Agriculture is invaluable in many ways to the enhancement of Food Value Chains, Food Security and Community Gardens.  On Tuesday May 26, come out to witness what some eco-friendly citizens are cultivating in their back and front yards to promote agriculture, awareness, food advocacy and education in the region. 456 more words

Dinners 2014

May 23 Exercise

Punishing, sweat-inducing 2 hour gardening session in my veg garden on the roof of my building


We're Excited About 2015 And Want You to Join Us to Make it Great!

It’s been a while since we’ve written about our journey. 2014 Was a great year. We launched our program, unsure what was to come, and were pleasantly surprised. 494 more words


How does your Permaculture grow: Calendula

Quietly this self seeder is a perfect choice to begin our discussion of the plethora of permaculture that can be layered into your food forest or edible landscaped homestead. 165 more words