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Chaunk wali Urad chilka - Split Black gram lentils

A country with majority vegetarian population, lentils are a major source of protein.

Tropical climate, good soil, innumerable perennial rivers and monsoons, given the people an endless variety of choice of crops. 282 more words



Rinse and soak 1 cup of urad dal for about 1 hour. Grind it with less water to maintain the consistency of the batter, neither thick nor thin. 162 more words


Jalebi to bring joy to the soul!

A sweet delicacy loaded with calories and cherished memories which brings joy to the soul is all about jalebi to me. The alluring loops filled with fine sugar crystals and the festive buoyant texture is darn inviting. 419 more words


Bangdyachi Uddamethi (Mackerel Curry)

The word Uddamethi comes from two words- Udda (Urad Dal) and methi (Fenugreek seeds). Bangdo is Mackerel in konkani. This delicious Goan curry which is made with mackerel has a unique taste because of the use of urad dal and fenugreek seeds.

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Dosa is a staple dish of South Indian states and very popular in other parts of the country too. It is rich in carbohydrates and proteins and the fermentation process is known to increase the vitamin B and vitamin C content as well.   9 more words


Idli/Dosa Milagai Podi

Milagai podi is a must have in my kitchen shelf. Growing up , even though idli and dosai had chutney and sambar accompaniments, I would always want it with milagaipodi or molagapodi ( as we call it). 326 more words

Channa Dal

Ulundu Vada / Medhu Vada

Ulundu vadai or Medhu vadai is an integral part of a traditional South Indian feast made during poojais or special occasions. At home, my son loves the fluffy vadai a lot so I end up making them now and then for an evening snack. 635 more words

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