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Alex Rivera on the Gnostic Warrior Podcast

So, I was recently on the Gnostic Warrior podcast with Moe Bedard. Here I discuss all kinds of stuff related to Gnosticism, Church History, Simon Magus, Marcion, and all kinds of heretical blasphemy. 151 more words


Final Exam

Final exam information is now posted under the “Test and Exam” section. Please keep checking this page for changes or addition of more information about the Final Exam.


Final Exam Review Seminar

“Final exam review seminar”

Date:  Apr. 16 (Thursday) 1pm-3pm (Part I)
Location: IC220

Date: Apr. 17(Friday) 11am-1pm (Part II)
Location: SY110


Hello World?

Hello! It’s been a good 8+ months since my last blog post… I’ve seriously neglected this blog and I’m not pleased to admit that. To “celebrate” my restarted interest in blogging and really writing in general, I did a little bit of housekeeping and installed a very nice looking new theme, I realized when I logged in that the (now) previous theme was absolutely horrid. 530 more words



My family moved to San Marcos in 1980 when I was four years old, and I attended Crockett, Bowie, Wonderland, Lamar, Goodnight, and SMHS. I have seen the schools from the inside and outside – the old versions and the new ones, and I have spent time in every corner of the district. 79 more words



Today (Wednesday’s class) saw Prof. Butler instead of me covering Chapter 25. His lecture notes for Chapter 25 are posted as “Lecture #24 (Prof. Butler’s notes)” on page 360. 11 more words


Ancient Societies Updates

Here’s whats new in the world of AncSoc:

Ancient Societies