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Poem - Continue

Knocked down,
blown off the mountain,
buried and struggling,
yet we continue forward
as the human spirit
is resilient and true
at the core when
the best of us surfaces.


Spare Room Renovation

Hi All,

So when we bought our home we had this beautiful spare room that was clearly decorated for a young son.

So many issues with this room! 1,060 more words


A Poem



And tests.

And much Caffeine.

Miss you (the reader).

I’m very sorry for absence.

I will sneeze out my brain.

Eat my houseplants to survive. 10 more words


Long Time, No See

Hello again,

Things are getting stressful and too busy for me to handle. They really don’t prepare you for the life of an adult, but then again, how does anyone expect to be prepared for any of these kinds of things? 731 more words



Hello. I am sorry again for being inactive. :( There was personal things going on and the weather has been very bad, causing me not to be able to post. 11 more words


Line play Gift Shop Update & my avatar

Send your friend a headband and you get the same one back free! How awesome is that? ^_^

My avatar is just enjoying the new headbands in the gift shop! 12 more words

Line Play