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24th Feb - BFI Interview

Short post, but there is only so much you can say about an interview…

This week has been unusually busy and non-stop which makes a change. 171 more words


NYR: February Update.

I’m back for another update for my New Year’s Resolutions. If you missed last month’s update, it’s right here¬†and you can see what I got up to last month. 187 more words


March *facepalm*

Where should I begin?

Well, I’m having my mock exams (which is equivalent to finals) at the end of March. I’ll be tested on two years worth of information, and EVEN THOUGH I planned to revise on February, I haven’t started yet. 204 more words


Episode 57: To The Museum

Hello everyone! The Chinese New Year is coming to it’s end (or beginning) and as a lucky charm, we present to you a new episode! Enjoy!


A Few Changes 

As you have probably noticed, I’ve been adding some new, non-diabetes related content recently to the blog. I expect this trend will continue as I move forward on my path. 219 more words


We have our official venue!

It is our pleasure to announce you, that the Jeux d’Hiver (also last year’s location), located in the Bois de la Cambre, will be the venue where we will host this year’s Bal du Bac.


200th anniversary of George Boole, famous mathematician from Lincoln

The year of 2015 is the bicentennial anniversary of George Boole, a famous mathematician born and bread in Lincoln. He became one of the most influential minds of the 19th century whose ideas laid the foundations of modern algebra and mathematical logic, as well as paved the way to applications in computer science and technology. 344 more words

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