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A Letter to My Crush - Therapy Corner

Good Morning…still haven’t slept. Drank a large thing of coffee at like 1am and my thoughts have been running rampant. Even watched Willy Wonka and my brain is STILL thinking about the guy that I really wanted it to work out with. 727 more words



It’s 2:27 in the morning. I got back to my apartment tonight from visiting my parents, and it feels lovely to be back. Right now, I have the man whom I could not have ever even dreamt of having in fast asleep in my bed. 360 more words


Buzzing Brain...is There a Cream for That?

Do you ever have those nights where you are just ready to go to bed? You’re tired, Hubby is tired, the dog has been zonked out for the past 45 minutes. 540 more words


Insomn-iscent: The What's and Why's of Insomnia

I’m having an affair.

It’s been going on for quite some time.  You see, 4am and I, we’re inseparable.  And you’re saying: “How could you? Don’t you love your sleep?”  Well, certainly.   1,143 more words

Fact-Based Ramblings

Jumping at Rabbits

21st February  2015 – You’re a card (Fujifilm X10)

“The height of my acting career was when I played a card, red, in a primary school production of Alice in Wonderland” 41 more words

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