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But What Happened Next?

The realities of the fast-paced world we live in is that our attention spans are short – a story goes big on the news and it makes headlines for a week or two and then the public has moved on to bigger and better things. 491 more words


How to you say Google Street View in German? You Don't.


Prior to the release of Google Street View in Germany in 2011, officials from the nation had already started raising objections. This caused a major conflict between Google and the German government. 434 more words


Chelsea Thomson.

Chelsea Thomson. Twenty. B Communications & Media Studies

For Chelsea, the freedom that comes with being able to drive and having her own car is hugely important to her. 69 more words


What do you think of when you hear the term "Wog"?

As a part of my Journalism course, I had to create a Vox Pop and my best friend Mia and I decided to use a question that definitely creates speculation with the stereotyping of people with ethnic backgrounds. 39 more words



Does it matter who ‘owns’ the media?  Who owns the media you use? Does this make a difference?

It’s a simple but complex question this week. 777 more words


Blair Arnold

Blair Arnold is a second year journalism student, who’s just as passionate about his coffee as he his with his writing. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Blair for almost a year now, and in that time, we managed to go for a holiday in the Gold Coast with some other friends, where I managed to take this portrait, about 30 floors from the ground. 16 more words