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Unknown; possibly a nickname for someone with curly hair, or perhaps derived from the Gaelic last name “Curley”, ultimately meaning “in the shape of the god of thunder”. 31 more words


Nnenna... that's a strange name

It’s not strange to me, it’s the one I got when I was born and I’ll have it until I die.

Let’s get the ‘strange name’ explanation done early on, it’s said exactly as it is spelled… Nne as in NE-ver and nna as in just the lower case n sound as opposed to a capital en sound. 651 more words

African Names

Permission to be free, a licence to be me.

I have been thinking about my name change in more than just the practical sense.

You see, I feel a sense of freedom that I have never experienced before. 499 more words

All quiet at the front

Of course, being a Saturday it’s all quiet at the front today. I have some standard emails from the DVLA and the upshot is that my car is registered and taxed as Janet Duperre, so if I want to register it as Blythe Storm, then I have to re-tax as Blythe Storm. 204 more words

Storm, River, and other natural wonders

Of the suggestions that came up, Storm seemed to resonate the most with me. River was great, but whatever you put after it sounded like a geographical location, as in the River Trent, and so being River Something was proving too tricky. 290 more words

Suggestions anyone?

I began this process in back in January when I separated from husband number two. As I┬ásaid, at first it was simply the idea of going back to my maiden name or as the Scots say ‘unassuming’ my husbands name. 920 more words

Names ... Do You Like Yours?

Do you like your name?

There is a theory that children choose their parents and their name before birth. This theory says that if you are tuned in you will get the name right. 1,526 more words