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Fed up.

I am lost. 

I am scared. 

I am tired. 

I am cold. 

I am not what I’m used to be. 

I am not what I want to be.  17 more words


G h o s t

I used to write a lot, but it got me lost. It didn’t help me, instead it made me it worst. This thing inside of me seems to be the cause. 15 more words


The Duality of Love ...

ツ Love can make you both beautiful and ugly !! – J N

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The Duality of Love by J N
November’s Petrichor
25th June 2015

Random Thoughts

Unspoken words

EVERY night she

Stared at that

black blanket

glued with silver dots

and Waited

for the glitter tail of

a meteor

that travelled


not longer… 20 more words


Air in Texas

It was almost unnoticeable as we drove through the land of on-going skies.

So much is taking place in these last moments of time spent & for the first time in forever my heart is filled with hurt. 517 more words

Flash Flood

March 3, 2015

(the last of the unsent messages)

Titled: You. I want you.

Logically, it won’t work.

You live there.

I live here.

You love her.

I have him. 75 more words

January 17, 2015

Dear Aries, I know I have told you some things, but I am not sure yet that you understand the depth of my feelings. I also know you prefer to hold yourself at a safe distance from me because neither of us is single, so I will post this here. 225 more words