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I almost can’t believe of me just becoming aware of April being national poetry month. I freaking LOVE poetry!!!! I recall during my teenage years most of my work was so depressing. 182 more words


For my Mother...I may never get another chance.

I’m so fearful of the idea that one day you will leave me, that I often forget to live in the moment. Sometimes, I lie awake, just thinking about what life would be like, when you leave me. 732 more words


Lost Chances...

Loud and Mournful

echoes the cry

of chances left

with no goodbye

All the truths

choice failed to say

will flood sore hearts

that fateful day… 10 more words



unspoken words
idle on anchored lips
hoping to be heard


Mysterious humans

I make fun of people for the stupid things they do And I criticize the opposite category. Immature actions| For being too mature and boring| Those who study too much| And those who don’t| People who take things too lightly| And those who take it seriously|Those who do crazy things| Those who don’t| 19 more words

Unspoken Words